Meet Guest Author Romay


Professional JPEGI am the Author Romay, 

I came from South Africa to Europe, A girl who dared to dream.

I got stuck in a marriage based on a lie and chose to raise my son on my own. But the sacrifice was well worth my peace of mind. I recently married the unexpected love of my life. My best friend, My partner, My confidant and my lover.

Like a kid with a Balloon, I passionately share my life and excitement in my Romance Novels.

In my Book, Love Triangle;Object Of Desire 

My LoveLisa and Arne met on a Ship sailing the Mediterranean. 

As Arne did everything possible to entice Lisa, She spun his head with unbelievable control over him. With emotions in restraint, he could not resist falling in love with her. Willing to give up everything, he went chasing after his love when she ran off in response to a lie from the desperate Ex-girlfriend, who could not let go of a man, In Love with the woman who held his heart captive.

In contrast to my own past struggles in my personal life, I wrote the book to awaken awareness to the depth of how important marriage and family are. Excitement, starts with marriage and anyone can rekindle their love and have passion in their lives. I did it! So can you. 

oo-1I structured my platform and daily find new things to do as to improve my connections and learning abilities. I researched the market as it is hard to get noticed but as a new writer, I formed ideas to help me move forward and published the book with growth opportunities in mind. I always think and look for improvement so I get better value ahead by means of support to get exposure. 

I love reading, Cooking while I blast the music, Horse riding only on holidays these days, The Theatre, Walking to clear my mind, Exercise on a daily basis, 

Love Triangle; Object of Desire, Is a passionate Love story! 

I express emotions and feelings and give you excitement and drama the way they are, without holding back. I hope I can take you along with me!


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