An Interview with Guest Author Jack Eason


Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and author Jack Eason – Welcome to my treehouse blog Jack.

Jack EasonIt’s nice to be here, although being hoisted half-way up the tallest tree for miles was NOT what I was expecting, the rope chair didn’t half dig into my bottom (and other parts I wish they hadn’t)

Mmmmm, sorry about that Jack, the canvas chair had a big hole in it after I slipped out of the tree and landed in it head first yesterday.

Sit yourself down on that big branch and we’ll begin the interrogation, I mean INTERVIEW!

I think I’ll STAND for a while if you don’t mind Chris!

Oh…. I see…. well OK Jack.

1.  Which is your favourite genre to READ and why?

I was brought up on the works of Arthur C. Clark and George Orwell. So both science fiction and adventure have to be my favourites.

2.  Which is your favourite genre to WRITE and why?

I love writing adventure.

3.  Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress, or share an excerpt from it?

GVdGCurrently I don’t have one. I started writing a prequel to my fantasy anthology Globular Van der Graff’s Goblin Tales for Adults. But after five thousand words, it was going nowhere. So, until an idea hits me between the eyes, I’ll just carry on reading.

4.  Do you prefer to self edit, use editors, or rely on feedback from beta readers?

I self-edit while I’m waiting for feedback and comments from my select group of faithful beta readers. They are my harshest critics.

5.  What are the longest and shortest times it’s taken you to complete writing your books and which books were they?

TPThe first of my books to be published back in 2010 was my science fiction space opera Onet’s Tale, which followed on from the first science fiction book I ever wrote – Turning Point. I wrote Onet’s Tale back in New Zealand during a marathon seven day a week six month period in 2003.OT

The shortest, and for me, the easiest, was my archaeology adventure The Forgotten Age. It positively poured out of me in two and a half months.


6.  What three pieces of advice would you give to aspiring authors about writing and publishing?

Above all, believe in your story. Secondly, talk to other writers (a lot). We have all made mistakes and garnered knowledge regarding the world of the written word. We have all suffered the highs and lows. Thirdly, join a couple of writers discussion groups. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the thing that you were wondering about has already been solved. 

7.  What other interests / hobbies do you have and why do you like them?

I love astronomy, photography and reading.

8.  What are your three most favourite meals / foods?

Steak and eggs. Toasted sandwiches. All kinds of fruit.

9.  If you could live in any other time period, what would it be and why?

That’s easy – the seventh to ninth centuries. In particular when Raedwald ruled this part of the country.

10.  What makes you feel most happy and why?

Being retired. I hated having to work for someone else just to pay the bills. These days I love taking an afternoon nap, plus watching historical and archaeological documentaries.


Well that’s the interview over Jack, would you like some refreshments now?

No Thank you, but if you have any nice cooling balm I could borrow…..?


Oh well, not to worry, I’ll just make my OWN way down the tree again.

Watch out for that trailing…….vine…..Jack….oh….too late….

Are you OK Jack?

Yes, yes…. luckily I landed on something….wait a minute….someONE soft…..!

Lucky for you that my big nephew Warf was waiting down there to come up here Jack…. Don’t worry, he’ll recover soon, he’s a big strong young ape…but I’d leave quickly if I were you Jack….BEFORE he DOES recover….I’ll explain to him later about how you’d dropped in to chat….but hadn’t meant to drop onto HIM.

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