Facebook: Land of Books, Promos, and Selfies

Legends of Windemere

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This is a tricky mistress to use.  I’ve seen many  authors (mostly romance/erotica) use Facebook very successfully.  I’ve also seen many authors get nowhere even when they do the same thing as the successful people.  There’s also a bigger dark side here than other social media sites.  You see a lot more battling for some reason.  It’s strange with Facebook because there’s such a casualness to what people post here that some forget their manners or that other people can see things.  I know that doesn’t create a great pitch for Facebook especially since it’s known for security issues and their ‘pay for advertising’ thing only gets your Author/Book page ‘likes’ and not usually sales.  Still, there are 3 things you can use Facebook for that takes a little more effort than most of the other sites:

Author Page

This can be a key component to your…

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