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bob2My name is Bob Nailor and I’m an author. It’s not a bad thing although for many years my mother would whisper that I wrote that science fiction and fantasy stuff. She finally came around and was proud of my talent although she still doesn’t understand why or how I write that stuff since I came from a normal family. [shrugs shoulders] Oh well, before she passed she admitted she was very proud.

Anyway, I’ve got about 18 books on the markets with more coming.  Somebody claimed I was very proficient in producing books.  Not really.  I’ve been writing since the 1980s and been doing National Novel Writing Month since its 2nd year of inception. That’s a lot of books! But I’ve not attempted to publish them until just recently. The ones released so far have mostly been articles or short stories in anthology or how-to books. Now I am very serious about getting many of the books lingering in cyber-space into the hands of readers.

52weeksI basically write science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, thriller and Christian. Yes, I realize that is a very eclectic group but you can throw romance, detective and historical into the mix if you want. In fact, I just finished my first non-fiction book titled “52 Weeks of Writing Tips” which was released on May 1, 2014.  I also released “Pangaea, Eden Lost” April 4, 2014. That book is an adventure-type story, more on the lines of a clumsy Indiana Jones style. Somebody told me they thought it to be a Christian book. If that is so, it is news to me. Just because “Eden” is in the title, that doesn’t mean the story is religious. Trust me, it is NOT a Bible thumper by any means.

Why do I write? It is a burning desire to share a story that is screaming within my mind and needs to be freed. I started writing articles and short stories for anthologies to give me some credibility and it opened doors for my novels to be accepted.

2012My novel “2012: Timeline Apocalypse” was part dream, part reading about the paranormal aspect of the Mayan calendar and a whole lot of fantasy.  Some of the story is based on true historical facts while other parts are blended fantasy. It is up to the reader to decide which is truth and what is made-up.

3step_coverWhen I wrote “Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold” it was more of a suggestion by another writer to create a Celtic story which included some of my ancestry and some of my high school memories. Another book where reality hits fantasy. I lived in Sherwood and the farm in question was a mile behind my house. I worked in Washington, DC, just 2 blocks from the hotel and I used the subway constantly. Therefore a lot of facts are real. Again, the reader must figure out which is which.

AncientBloodAmazonMy co-author gave me the idea for “Ancient Blood: The Amazon” which is our joint effort at a vampire novel that takes place in Brazil’s Amazonian jungle. Again, real facts and historical events were used to create some of the story. It is book 1 in a planned series of “new” vampire stories where the creatures of the night are based on the original concept and don’t consider being semi-vegetarians or sparkle. Our vampires are blood thirsty and have no qualms about taking life.

pangaeaIn “Pangaea, Eden Lost” the story revolves around a clumsy relic hunter finding the location of the already found relic. The quandary is the fact that the high-tech cylinder found inside the stone is older than the rock it was found in. Again, the jungles of Brazil are the backdrop for the adventure before the group goes to the paradise island of Principe. The truth about Pangaea, Eden and several other facts are revealed.

My current project to be released on May 1, 2014, is a collection of 52 writing tips that I offer at my author’s website. It is the perfect handbook for a novice or well-published writer with several secrets that I’ve gleaned over the years.  It is my chance to give back to the writing community.

A little personal information about me would be that I’m retired from the federal government, having spent too many years being a computer geek. I’m married and therefore only have one wife but we raised four sons and now have eight grandchildren to spoil. I enjoy cooking, traveling and gardening. When I retired, we bought a 28-foot RV to drive and enjoy a little luxury while touring the United States. I and my wife spent many years camping, roughing it, and enjoying Boy Scouts. Now we pamper ourselves. Since we live in the rural are of NW Ohio, our neighbors are basically a lot of animals which raid the garden so what we do get to harvest is well appreciated and very tasty.

My website handles the 3 aspects of my writing: The Author, The Editor and The Speaker. I am a writer, an editor and I am available for presentations at writing groups, conferences and any other group, such as The Moose, Eagles, book clubs, etc. My site has several options, especially the Author page since it displays and details my books, it also has my writing tips and several offerings of my writings for the reader.

Visit my blog where I ramble on about several topics. Okay, sometimes I rant. Usually I tend to discuss writing aspects but sometimes I will spout about my family or anything that just might happen to irk or amaze me at the moment. It is very eclectic.

I’m available on Facebook and Twitter – or visit me at Pinterest

Read about me at Amazon

Please feel free to visit my website and sign up for delivery of my weekly writing tips or tweet me on Twitter.


Bob Nailor

~ Writing is not a path of prose but a trail to imagination’s discovery. ~

Co-author of “Ancient Blood: The Amazon” and author of “Pangaea, Eden Lost,” “Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold” & “2012: Timeline Apocalypse” available now! Also a contributing author to “Mother Goose is Dead,” “The Complete Guide to Paranormal Novels” & “Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology” plus many other anthologies.

New – release 52 Weeks of Writing Tips

Genre: Non-fiction/Writing

Synopsis: A compilation of 52 innovative suggestions to improve one’s writing, editing and marketing skills. The topics covered are varied and include, but not limited to, dialogue, sex scenes, horror, aliens, character development, story and character believability, editing tricks, poetry plus much more.



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