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Tokie Laotan Brown ColourI am an Author of the Book, 10 Steps to Managing your Household Budget”. I am also an Environmental Architectural Technologist and Cultural Economist. I work all over the world in Architectural offices as a consultant, working on sites, analysing the environmental impacts of these sites. My company Merging Ecologies; curates and documents old buildings and how they can be preserved as well as maintained in their original state. I have just finished the Household Budget Workbook that will compliment the book I wrote. I am currently working on a Cultural Economic book that will address bottom up self organization within communities and super excited about the it too.

Tokie Laotan Brown BWI also help struggling families and individuals to manage their budgets. Together we make routine procedures to eliminate debt issues; add tools to improve savings and peace of mind, and look at some serious ways to improve consistency. After 10 years of working with my budget as well as family and friends, I’m proud to finally be able to help people who need it the most.

Why did I write my books,

The inspiration for my books were born out of years of personal experiences. It was also drawn from limited resources and making these limited resources work for our growing households. Inspiration was also drawn from working with families dealing with debts and still struggling to make ends meet. Friends and family wanted something as a reference when I was not physically available to help. All these  help inspire a book on household budgeting.

Tokie Laotan Brown Microcerpt

What I did to get them published,

First, I will say, setting a deadline to have the book published was one of the most difficult and daunting tasks I have ever had bestowed on myself.
Second, setting a deadline for my sister, making sure editing was what she did first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Third and the last, was hiring my very productive PRO of RSL management services.

Well. writing process… hmmm…that will mean loads of notes all over the house. Now I have learned to carry a black note book and write whenever something pops into my head, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t but I keep all these notes. It is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sooner or later it will eventually make sense. Writing the Recession Buster took years of notes, mathematical notes, scribbles all over our house. It took 1 week of a strange deadline, not sleeping to bring it all together.


Any other hobbies and interests,

I will say a lot but the closest to my heart will be Documenting buildings that currently exist and cataloging the structural state of buildings, their loss in the event of a natural disaster, history and the culture associated with buildings, restoration packages, nostalgia and conservation principles. Collection of before and after pictures, plan of works and engagement of the community in the refurbishment of existing buildings.



Tangible and Intangible cultures in African regions; cultural heritage preservation.

Property Management and Investment. Architectural services.

Details of my books,

1.Recession Buster:10 Steps to Managing Your Household Budget.

RB 10 StMyHBThis book will lay down 10 simple steps to a structured way of dealing with the current recession and how to use your actual finances that are incoming to elevate and dictate to bill operators on how you will like to pay your own bills. The reason behind this book is to acknowledge the fact that, there is a recession and majority of the people around the world are being squeezed with numerous outgoings. I understand the squeeze and I have come to understand the math behind household budgeting without the added stress. 

RB HBWB2. Recession Buster: Household Budget Workbook

This workbook is a compilation of weekly and monthly budget worksheets for the unique needs of you and your household. It includes, student, wedding, travel and celebration worksheets for your ultimate benefit.

There are 2 versions to the workbook: Paperback also on Amazon and Also Oke covered, only on my site.

3. Cultural Economics (In Press) Release date August 2014

 Addresses bottom up self organization within communities


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