Meet Guest Author Milton Roza Junior (From Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL)


Milton Rosa JrHello everyone, my name is Milton Roza Júnior, I live in Rio de Janeiro. Born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina state. I have been writing from my youth. First in poetic prose, then, to improve my gift, I joined in three courses of literature at Home Mario de Andrade, in Barra Funda, district of the capital of São Paulo.

My wife is Fatima Pereira and I am the father of two beautiful girls, Olivia Maria and Rhana Daphne.

I have always been engaged in public jobs, graduated in philosophy at College of the Monastery of São Bento in Rio de Janeiro’. I joined the middle school, in the School of Aviation cadets to be an aviator. And now, I have a website on Group “All Are One” and preparing to participate of the next International Book Fair in São Paulo.

I learned that we are all co-creators, in other words, we can create worlds, to make mountains move, heal the blind and dumb and make people learn to revise their thoughts, not that people are right or wrong, writers only help your readers to think two or three times more before taking action, we can try to help people to have more choices in life through our imagination because we will never be one hundred percent certain or one hundred percent wrong. I try in my books show that there is always an oasis in the desert.

I am a published author at Fountain Blue Publishingfor“The Seed” and self published author for“The Miracle of Nivea”, my last book.

My other interests / hobbies are movies, football and music

The SeedThe Seed

A father’s love. A mother’s guidance. A family faces tough times…together. A great story of wisdom and choices.

The_Miracle_of_NiveaThe Miracle of Nivea

This book not only tells us about ‘The Miracle of Nivea’, but also tells us in a clear way, about many miracles which are shown to us and we do not understand. If you have already discovered that we are not alone at any stage in life, you will certainly find in this book many reasons to continue believing in this truth.

Final note

When readers read me, they can find me sad, happy or contemplative, but they will always feel something.



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