Meet Guest Author Susan Navas


Susan NavasI am the author of the Agnil’s Worlds series of fantasy adventure books for children aged 7-10 years. The first two, ‘The Rise of Agnil’ and ‘Agnil and the Wizard’s Orb’ have already been published by Ant Press and the third, ‘Agnil and the Tree Spirits’ is due out in a couple of months.

The-Rise-of-AgnilAt the moment, life is a balancing act between my work as a primary school teacher and my work as a writer. After the summer, however, that’s all set to change as I take the plunge into being a full-time writer. When I’m not working, there’s nothing I like better than taking my camera for a walk. Photography has been my hobby for a number of years.

My stories centre on the main character, a half-elf called Aggie in the human world but Agnil in the elf worlds. The first book is a quest to find her mother and free her from an evil wizard while the second book interweaves themes of bullying, racisim and apartheid into the story involving the elves.

Wizards OrbMy latest book, the third in the Agnil’s Worlds series is called ‘Agnil and the Tree Spirits’. One of my roles has been an eco schools coordinator as I am very aware and interested in ‘green’ issues. In the past I have helped fundraise for rainforest charities to support their work in protecting the forests and preventing further deforestation. ‘Agnil and the Tree Spirits’ was born out of my interest in forests of all kinds. In the book, Agnil, the half-elf, finds herself trying to prevent the destruction of a particularly beautiful forest world, home to elves and, of course, tree spirits.

I am still working on ‘Agnil and the Tree Spirits’ as it goes through the editing and proof reading process. The illustrations are being prepared by Charlotte Moore, who also illustrated the first two books.

I’m not a night owl and will start my writing early in the morning. Sometimes the ‘elves’ wake me in the night and I have to get up to listen to them and write something down or change a part of the story they’re not happy with. If I try to ignore them, they keep nudging me until I get up. They are very persistent!

I plan to continue with the Agnil’s Worlds series for now but I also have ideas for a couple of historical fiction books which I’d like to start exploring next year. I am collaborating on a picture book for younger children with my daughter, Laura, who is an artist.

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