Meet Guest Author Catherine M. Johnson


Catherine JohnsonHello! I’m Catherine Johnson, a British Ex-pat who moved from an awesome place called Yorkshire 😉 to New Zealand for four years before crossing the pond once again to live in Canada where I am staying (no more moves please – though I do miss NZ and get big pangs for all things English like wellington boots, rainy days, old cottages, sociable train journeys, Countdown, the royals, yorkshire puddings. Okay I’ll stop now *breathesintopaperbag*). I have managed to embrace ice hockey and -20 long winters. The canada geese are beautiful. Go Canada!

I graduated in business on one of those vacation (oops I mean vocation courses) HND Business and Finance and I’m still not business savvy, oh well. I au paired in France and speak un petit peu de francais. I used to be a bit good at Tae Kwon-Do as black belt British Champion. Now I’m so lazy I can just about manage a dog walk, another oh well.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to write and draw at home in these exciting (scary) times of self-publishing. I am the author /illustrator of two poetry books for children, Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades. I seem to have a theme of odd and weird running through, though I did try to write a couple of serene poems in The Everglades. It was loads of fun dreaming up odd combinations of animals to make one weird animal, like Frogoloctopus.

I published both books with CreateSpace and am currently working on a few other stories, including a Zombie poetry book.

I post a lot of poetry on my blog (soon to be moving to HERE and can also be found on:





Weirdo Zoo(about some weird animals at the zoo)


The Everglades(which has some serene moments and some snorty ones)




36 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Catherine M. Johnson

  1. You are a very talented person, Catherine, and multi-faceted too. Best of luck with your books. Nice to meet you. Thank you, Chris, for sharing another fascinating author on your blog.


  2. Catherine, what a great bio about you! You are a hoot! I enjoyed all the tidbits you shared. 🙂 Not only are you a talented writer and illustrator, but you are a comedienne as well! Love it!


  3. Well, this is a nice surprise – learning more about you Catherine. I enjoy that you stop by at my blog and I enjoy stopping by at yours. However, I had not known your crazy fun sense of humor! But I bet that makes you a most wonderful children’s author.


  4. It was fun reading about your journey and empathize with you for longing and wishing all things English. At times I miss my home, Guyana; on these gray and depressing days, all I do is sit and write about the love I left behind. Great reading. Kharis Macey


  5. Hi Catherine. Such a pleasure to learn more about you. I’ll think of you while I’m in your birth country with my daughter this summer. The U.K. is such a beautiful place!


    • Thanks, Piper! Are you going all over? I’ve got so many recommendations. Bath, York and Edinburgh are beautiful cities.



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