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Eileen SlovakHello all! My name is Eileen Slovak and I am an author. Wow! It feels weird to say that. I just published my debut novel, “Secret Agent of God” with the help of Createspace and so far, it has been quite an adventure.

SS1What can I tell you about me?

  •  People always assume I am an extrovert when I am really an introvert. Some folks will even spend a considerable amount of time arguing the point with me.

  •  Running helps me think more clearly and I like that it is the closest thing to flying that we humans can do without equipment.

  • SS2 I love that thinking outside the box is finally trending because I have never found a box that fit properly.

  •  I strongly believe wine and chocolate when consumed regularly make for a more pleasant existence on earth and it bothers me they are not on the food pyramid.

  •  I am the youngest of six children from a dysfunctional, Irish Catholic family, which means I have no ego but plenty of guilt, although I am not sure why.

  •  If I met you at a cocktail party, I would surreptitiously avoid talking about myself by strategically asking you questions, which would direct the conversation back to yourself. The       exception to this would be if you asked me about writing and then I would never shut up and you would excuse yourself to the restroom and likely never return!

Of course, I would rather talk about my novel!

Secret Agent of God is the story of Janice Morrison, a snarky, determined, young woman with a tendency to fall for ‘bad guys’. With quite a bit of drama in her life, Janice attempts to prevent the weight of her secrets from bringing her down. She also works to overcome a potty mouth with a new word of the day habit. A reluctant prophet, Janice finds herself entangled with some REALLY, bad guys but maintains her sense of humor through it all.

SAoGKidnapped by terrorists for her prophetic visions, one woman needs to use her strange power to prevent hundreds of deaths—including her own.

Janice Morrison has a special gift, even if it sometimes feels more like a punishment. She has prophetic visions, an ability that makes her very valuable to certain people; just how valuable becomes clear when a terrorist cell kidnaps Janice.

The leader of the cell—a suave, dangerous man Janice nicknames English—believes he can use Janice’s ability to time successful terrorist attacks. To coerce the frightened but defiant woman, English threatens to harm Janice’s friends and family.

What follows is a tense game of wits between captive and captor, as Janice attempts to avoid contributing to a terrorist attack on US soil while keeping friends and family safe.

 Eileen Slovak blends the dangerous world of terrorism with the paranormal in a fast-paced and suspenseful thriller. Janice’s visions will have horrific consequences unless she learns to be a Secret Agent of God.

Originally intended for a female New Adult audience, ‘Secret’ has a wider range of appeal, all the way up to octogenarians with both male and female readership. The genre best suited is psychic suspense, but I also like to call it a spiritual thriller.

What possessed me to write this book?

I have a sincere interest in religion and its power to motivate and influence people’s lives. I also have a fascination with the paranormal and with psychic ability in particular. The spark for this story was a newspaper article I wrote back in 2008 about ghosts, which was then ignited by the voice in my head that belonged to a very persistent heroine named Janice Morrison.

Who are my personal heroes?

I owe my freedom, personal safety and thanks to anyone who has ever or is currently serving our country in the armed forces or as a police officer, firefighter or an EMT.

For their inspiration, my favorite authors are Alice Hoffman, Jodi Picoult, Janet Evanovich, Harlan Coben, Steig Larsson, Sue Grafton, James Joyce and many more.

For much needed entertainment, my favorite novel based films/series are James Bond, The Jason Bourne Series, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones & various chick flicks!

I hope you enjoyed this article and I would like to hear from you. Here are some easy ways to get in touch with me:








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