Meet Guest Author Bonnie Ferrante


Bonnie angel wingsI started writing children’s picture books because I couldn’t find many of the topics I wanted to share with my students and family. I love telling or reading stories to children. I stopped teaching five years ago and am now pursuing my dream of full time writing.

I’ve had several young adult novels, adult and young adult short stories, and articles published, but discovered that submitting picture books took far too long. I can’t wait 9 to 14 months to find out I’ve been rejected. I just don’t have the time. So I started to self publish my picture books. Although they have been very well received by readers, it’s a challenge to get them noticed.

I am a lay leader for the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada and my values of wisdom and compassion are reflected in my children’s books. I love needlework arts, cross stitch, sewing, embroidery etc. but have had to give them up when I developed Parkinson’s Disease. I used to draw, paint with acrylics, and create watercolors, but that too has been abandoned. However, I am learning how to draw with the stylus and large tablet. I’m working with Photoshop and sometimes Arts Rage. It’s a rather steep learning curve and I am thrilled every time I discover how to use the program in a new way to improve my art. I love gardening and landscaping but after the birth of my granddaughter, I’ve turned my vegetable garden into a play area. But I will never give up my flower beds. Although I can no longer hike, I can bike with a motor assist bicycle. I loved canoeing with my husband (he does most of the work. I started scrapbooking for my granddaughters, but I’m always way behind.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00073]MY newest young adult book is entitled “Desiccate: Sphere of Vision Book One”. Leya Truelong has the potential to become a powerful Double Vision Mistress, if she can control her impulsiveness and temper and avoid being stripped of her gifts in a painful and debilitating ritual. But Zendra, a devious bully, knows exactly how to rouse Leya’s anger. The girls’ battle of wits mirrors the greater conflict between the mistresses and the renegades. Can Leah, a simple peasant girl, hold her own in a world of deception and betrayal?

TAT“The Amida Tree”
is an environmentally sound alternative to “The Giving Tree.” It features a healthy reciprocal relationship between a little girl in a wild apple tree.


TQTN“Too Quiet, Too Noisy” is about a little girl whose home is too noisy. But, when she goes to Nana’s house, it’s so quiet she can’t stay awake. It features a multiracial family.

RC“Rumpelstiltskin’s Child”
examines prejudgment, bullying, and the importance of kindness. It takes place in medieval times, so the illustrations are inspired by illuminated manuscripts.


RS“Rayne Shines” features a young frog whose unappreciative and unhappy attitude is changed by the arrival of a new neighbor. (The characters are frogs.)





WM FacesWM ClothesI have completed two books out of a planned series of four for toddler, “What’s Missing: Faces” and “What’s Missing: Clothes”. These picture books help to develop observational skills and the very young.
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2 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Bonnie Ferrante

  1. Wow! Sounds like you keep pretty busy! I self published out of pure lack of patience. When it took me a year to get a polite ‘no’ from five agents I decided I’d rather spend the next ten years writing more books and selling them myself.





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