Should You Self-Publish?



For most authors, the decision of whether to self-publish or search for a traditional publisher is a tough one. I wrestled with this decision (it fought like a crocodile) in the years leading up to 2008. Even after self-publishing multiple books in 2008 (I had one completely written and the material for several others already well-prepared), I continued to wrestle the crocodile for another seven months. Then sales of two of my books erupted and later the next summer I launched a series that became popular enough that I no longer questioned my decision.

That’s what you hope for, when you’re wondering which route to take. You’re hoping that a day will come when you no longer look back over your shoulder, wondering about the other road (that road you didn’t take is such a clichéd road, it really isn’t worth any anguish).

Not an Easy Way Out

Self-publishing isn’t…

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3 thoughts on “Should You Self-Publish?

  1. Nice to see a balanced article. So many writers want to jump on the ‘self published’ bandwagon that they do not stop to think about just how difficult it actually is to produce a properly formatted, professional looking product. I like my trad deal with a small publishing house: it removes from the equation for me all the things I find too challenging.

    Before a writer goes ‘Hell yes, I can’t be bothered looking for a publisher, why should I?’, they should check out the Createspace forum, and see just how many people really do find it so hard to actually get the book out there in a decent state. That could be you: I know it’s me.



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