Creating an Effective Goodreads Ad

Some advertising tips for Goodreads Authors, by a Goodreads Author 🙂

When I began my Goodreads ad campaign, I wasn’t happy at first. I had trouble trying to get clicks. I thought I had created a good one, and I thought my cover alone would draw people into seeing it. Well, I found a thread on Goodreads with one man claiming that it does work. Many others replied, absolutely unhappy with their experience. I think I may have even commented, too, telling everyone that Goodreads ads were a waste of time. But because I had sunk 50 dollars into the campaign, I was determined to make it work. Even if no sales resulted from it, people are at least still looking at it and maybe adding it. So I decided to change the description entirely. Here is a screen capture of everything I did to create the ad that is earning me clicks now. Out of the 50 dollars I have…

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5 thoughts on “Creating an Effective Goodreads Ad

  1. The problems seem to arise on Goodreads when authors do a lot of spam promotion, and perhaps aren’t as careful as they should be in choosing where they place their promo posts. As long as you make sure that promo is limited only to the threads in each group where it is permitted/welcomed, there should be no problems at all.


  2. I’m familiar with how GoogleAds work, but where and when do people run across Goodreads ads? Are they the ones that appear in the “Sponsored Books” box in the right hand bar?

    Also: I’ve seen comments in some of the self-pubbing lists about Goodreads being a potential source of a lot of undeservedly negative reviews. Is the risk worth it?



    • I think those are the ones Michael – in which case, there are 238 PAGES of them at the moment 🙂
      I know several authors who have had problems with trolls on Goodreads and two who left it for that reason, but I’ve not been targeted (yet) maybe because they know I like a troll snack sometimes and have no compunction about using the Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads complaints systems 🙂



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