Guest Author Margaret Lynette Sharp

ML Sharp

Hi, everyone! My name is Margaret Lynette Sharp. I’m the author of ten titles. I specialize in sweet romance, either as vignettes, Short Stories or lately, novellas. Please check out my list of titles on Amazon or Goodreads.

Books 1 to 5

When I’m not writing I like to enjoy the outdoors. My favourite activity is swimming, and I have competed in local Club races for over thirty years.The best bonus here is that it keeps me fit, which comes in handy for one of my other loves, dancing. My husband Ron –who designed and built the Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall– and I regularly go out dancing to the music of the sixties to eighties. Great fun!

I am very fond of animals. We have one dog, Chicki, that we rescued from an animal shelter, and two budgerigars. If space and energy permitted I would like to have more, but…

Books 6 to 10

I have been writing now for about three years. At first I thought I’d like to write a book–one book– as a project. Having studied Short Story Writing, I decided that was the way to go. And I guess it was, for once that was out of the way I started on another. And another. And another…

Lately though, I’ve felt like a change, and have written three longer works, ‘Amelia’s Call’, ‘Michaela Betrayed’ and ‘Lauren Played’.

If you like clean, Australian-made literature, why not grab a copy of one of my titles and see what you think?






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