Book Piracy is just Theft


AUTHORS BE ADVISED about Book Piracy Issues!

Giselle Marks

Have you ever been burgled? Were you sick as a result of the violation of your home? But so long as you were not injured in the theft, all you lost were things which could be replaced. Theft of intellectual property is like stealing a part of your soul, because for an author or artist, the work they have produced is their beloved baby, almost part of themselves. This is in addition to the damage to an author’s efforts to make a living.

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. I have some sympathy for a man who steals to feed his hungry children, or for an old lady who is losing her marbles who goes shoplifting, but even they have victims who have lost as a result of their thieving. The victims are first those they stole from, who pass their costs onto their insurance companies, who…

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7 thoughts on “Book Piracy is just Theft

  1. Thanks, Chris and Giselle. This is good to know. I’m starting to see my books on strange sites when I Google “Domino Park Comics”. We all have to stand together to keep the internet a safe place for indie authors to publish.


    • Hi DeeDee, I’ve just done a Google search for your comics an one of the places is Indie Mirror! It refers to your book and gives a link to your article on MY BLOG! HOWEVER, as you say, there are several other sites where your books can be downloaded for free!
      hmmmm must think how to stymie these if I can.


    • Unfortunately it seems to some extent to be beyond hope. The pirates ALSO seem to pirate the titles from the big mainstream publishers. And if THEY don’t have enough clout to stop it, I’m not sure what we can do.



  2. Giselle, **WONDERFULLY** analysed and written! And thank you Chris for reblogging it as I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise! (Although I’m also going to visit Giselle’s site to leave the substantive part of this comment…. :> )

    Giselle, you say, “He argues writers benefit from book piracy because it promotes their names.” and we both agree that’s complete nonsense. Or utter bollocks, Or haggis fried in motor oil.

    and you say, “To me copyright piracy is totally morally wrong and should be punished, not encouraged as Cory seems to be doing.” and I fully and totally agree. Your point about the song lines is strong. I was actually surprised when looking for a few short epigraphs to open my chapters of TobakkoNacht to find out how restricted such usage is.

    – MJM



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