You Might Be a Writer if…

Chris McMullen

I thought this was a good summing up LOL 🙂



You might be a writer if…

  1. Some of your best ideas were originally written on napkins, Kleenex, or toilet paper.
  2. You wake up at three in the morning and sneak out of bed to spend a couple of hours alone with your computer.
  3. When people act like jerks, you appear to handle it maturely, then secretly fashion characters after them to exact your revenge.
  4. You pull over to the side of the road a few times each week to jot down ideas for your book.
  5. A family member interrupts your work to ask you a simple question and you turn into a screaming lunatic.
  6. The most fulfilling conversations you have are between you and your imaginary muse.
  7. When your lucky underwear really stinks, friends know you’ve been fortunate not to get any bad reviews for several weeks.
  8. You log into your publishing account while you’re eating lunch to check on…

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6 thoughts on “You Might Be a Writer if…

  1. I have a note book, a dictaphone and a phone that beeps whenever I need to be somewhere – but in plenty of time for me to wind up, leave and drive there. If it doesn’t beep, I get buried in my work and the next thing I know it’s dark and McMini has been standing outside the school waiting for me for ten minutes…. actually I haven’t forgotten McMini yet but I’ve come close.




  2. I frequently think of how I can improve writing my memoir or thoughts on writing a new poem for my wife, so usually carry a notebook and pen with me whenever traveling. This also comes in handy if I happen to think up an article that might be suitable for publication.



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