Guest Author Ali Isaac

Ali Isaac

When my daughter, Carys, was born, and the full extent of her syndrome (Cardiofaciocutaneous (click on the name to get details about this serious condition – TSRA) began to reveal itself, I thought, “That’s it. My life is over.”. It felt like the beginning of the end.

In a way, I was right. Carys began to teach me about the things in life that really mattered. She completely changed my perspective. But it was a painful process.

When I reached my lowest ebb, when I had no other outlet, and nowhere to turn, I put pen to paper, and wrote a few words about my experiences with her, what I thought and how I felt.

That point marked the end of my old life, and the beginning of my new one. Far from being my ball and chain, my daughter gave me the freedom and the confidence to write, something I had always wanted to do.

Now I have published my first book, with a sequel all but finished; I have a website and blog, a facebook page, and a representation right across the web. I could never have imagined that five years ago!

I have a mantra which keeps me going; Never give up. Always follow your dream. Only those who don’t try, fail. My husband will be rolling his eyes now, and saying “Edit; why use thirteen words when one will do? The word you’re looking for is ‘stubborn’.”

Hmmm…perhaps he’s right. (And that doesn’t happen very often.)

I grew up on a Greek island with only my books, my sister, a dog and a donkey for company. I was always reading, often with three or four books on the go at once. I first read Watership Down when I was nine years old. As a child, my favourite book was Tristan and Iseult by Rosemary Sutcliffe, I loved the illustrations by Victor Ambrus, too. I then made the leap into Fantasy with the Belgarion series by David Eddings, and never looked back.

I began writing my first novel at the age of fourteen. I never finished it, but it lurks hopefully in the bottom of my desk, patiently awaiting the day when I bring it back to life.

Now, I am a wife, mother, and owner of Ireland’s most lunatic labradoodle. I am fortunate to live in beautiful rural Ireland, but must confess to the occasional Greek escape to enjoy a little Mediteranean sun and cuisine.


I was inspired to write ‘Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean’ by my daughter, Carys. Like Conor, she cannot walk or talk, but I am convinced she can understand far more than she is able to indicate to us.

I also wanted to share with others Ireland’s many astounding ancient sites, and the characters and legends associated with them. I am currently working on ‘Conor Kelly and The Fenian King’, Book 2 in The Tir na Nog Trilogy, and the final book is called ‘Conor Kelly and The Three Waves of Eirean’.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Author Ali Isaac

  1. A lovely honest interview – thank you for sharing your story and source of inspiration. One of my favourite stories for children – which you can make last for months – is ‘The King of Ireland’s Son’ – a brilliant tale!


  2. Yes, I love The Story Reading Ape’s blog and I subscribed to it quite some time ago….and here’s the reason why. Interviews like this. He interviews such interesting people. Your story is inspiring. I have a 10 yr old granddaughter who is severely autistic and doesn’t talk. It is a challenging life with a special needs child, but a rewarding one too. They seem to know how to open your heart and your eyes in a very special way.
    I wish you well, every success and every happiness.



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