Guest Author Jeff Dawson

Jeff Dawson

Thought it was time to spruce things up a bit. My first bio was, too say the least, a bit flat. Let’s try this again. I spent twenty-five years in the wonderful world of road construction. Back surgery in 2010 put the skids on that career. My body couldn’t handle the rigors of twelve to sixteen hour days, six to seven days a week anymore. As I convalesced, licking my wounds, I wondered what to do next. Not being out in the sun getting baked, or dodging traffic, was going to be a hard act to follow. Seriously, what else did I know?

An article in the Dallas Morning News caught my eye. It was about being a professional speaker. Hmm. That sounds interesting. Becoming mobile again, I took a seat in front of the blank monitor, pondering what to write. Let’s start with something we know: my life. The first work was titled “God’s Plan: A Glimpse Into One’s Life.” I re-titled it six months later to Why Did Everything Happen? This is a look back at the last twenty-five years and how the death of my partner, father and true love affected my life. I was amazed at the revelations.

Since then, I’ve moved on to write in several different genres. Some say I should change my name when diverting from the path. Well, right or wrong, I’m sticking with my name. The current works range from the love story of my one true love: Debbie Beck—RIP 7-20-2009, an alternate historical perspective of Vampires and WWII, a newly released Sci-Fi time travel adventure to Baseball Coaching Manuals. Granted, not every book I write is for everyone. I understand that, but I hope I’m showing readers, diversity can be a good avenue.

I currently live in the DFW area, spending a lot of time with my daughter, her girls and my oldest son. When I was in construction, I never had or took the time to enjoy what surrounded me: love, family and friends. My true love, Debbie and her girls reminded me what was important in life; “we work to live, not live to work.”

One last thought. I’m working on sequels too, Occupation and Gateway: Pioche. One other work in the pipeline is a collection of military and love poems. How’s that for diversity?

I hope you take a chance on a book or two.

Places to find out more about me:

Facebook: For the sci/fi horror crowd

Facebook: Perhaps a touch of baseball?

Facebook: Memoirs and true love






8 thoughts on “Guest Author Jeff Dawson

  1. I would like to extend a gracious thank to our esteemed and world reknown host: Mr. Chris Graham. Thank you for allowing me to be spotlighted. Might want to change the light bulb. That 100 watt bulb might scare a few off. To show my gratitude I couldn’t help but post another Jungle Book song:

    Cheers to All!


  2. Nothing like life changing events to make us take stock eh? Sounds like you had more than your fair share of such events over the past few years but it seems like you’ve grasped that nettle and found your own niche! You’re unlikely to ever be stuck on what to write as you have so many strings to your bow! Congratulations Jeff and long may your success continue


    • Good morning Dianne, Yes, you could say it has been a very interesting journey to date. What’s interesting is how many of the books I’ve written, the idea came from someone else, especially the WWII/Vampire and Time Travel series. I never know where the next idea is coming from. Just the other night a friend of mine was kidding about the Dallas Cowboys and an idea struck. Perhaps we could write a satire on this esteemed franchise. Being a Packers fan, this could be a lot of fun.

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping a note. Always interested in meeting new folks.



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