Guest Author Cynthia Reyes and her book “A Good Home”

Cynthia Reyes

I had a car accident several years ago, and after a great deal of struggle, I realized that I’d lost myself and didn’t know where to find me.

My husband remembered the mini-memoirs I had written during 25 years of a fast-moving life and went searching for them. He thought they would help me find myself again. The poor guy searched for nearly a year, and found most of them. Some were so old, the paper clips that held them together had rusted and crumbled, but left their imprint at the top left hand side of the front pages.

A prestigious magazine (Arabella Art and Architecture, one of North America’s fastest-growing magazines) heard about the stories and started to publish them. Readers responded so favorably that the stories became a book. And once again, readers have blessed me with their kind comments.

My interactions with hundreds of readers led to my blog. It existed before, but I had mostly ignored it. But readers wanted to know what my experiences have been like since the book was published, and how my recovery was going. So I started writing blog posts regularly.

The recovery is a long process, and there are several things I still can’t do without incurring extreme pain. I miss gardening, and I miss dancing. But I’ve developed a few new patterns that are helping my spirit. One of them is to start observing life again – people, places and things – and to share those observations with my blog visitors.

Much of my life still takes place at home, or with therapists and doctors. I rarely write about the last two. But I write a lot about seeing my home and life in new ways. And I make a point of laughing at myself often.

I still complain sometimes (like when the legendary elf-man – “the Nisse” – attacked several of our appliances in just over a week) but I am determined to see the beauty and joy in little things. And to take an interest in fascinating people whom I meet.

In 4 months, I’ve developed an international following. Thousands of people have visited my blog. An almost equal number of my blog readers are from the US and Canada, but some days the UK vies for top numbers too. Some people have read the book, some read my stories in Arabella Magazine, and some have ended up visiting the blog through links from other blogs.  Many readers are from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

In my previous life, I won awards for my work in television, and for leading big projects. Now I am starting anew by writing – something I used to do regularly years and years ago. And I am humbled by the fact that many people love my book, A Good Home(click the title for further details, TSRA) – especially since I’m a brand-new author. I love receiving letters and comments from my readers.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Author Cynthia Reyes and her book “A Good Home”

  1. What an interesting post! The idea of having to redefine yourself after a life changing event is definitely one that resonates with me. In my case it was just a job though 🙂 thanks for sharing.




  2. Hello Cynthia, You are an inspiration to others and a remarkable woman who went through a difficult period, but came out shining, despite the odds. I can relate to that, and intend to pass by your blog.


  3. Lovely to meet you Cynthia! I had to retake stock of the important things in life for very different reasons to yours. I am looking forward to reading your blog and thank you oh Great Ape for once again introducing me to a fascinating person, whom I would never have bumped into without you.


    • How kind of you, Dianne. I’m enjoying your blog and your story too! Thank you. And big thanks to Chris and The Story Reading Ape (fabulous name) for what he’s doing to promote books and writers.



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