Guest Author Dianne Horsfield

Dianne Horsfield

Hello fellow lovers of the Story Reading Ape blog, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dianne Horsfield, but as I spend an inordinate amount of time saying ‘It’s Dianne with two Ns and Horsfield without the E, can we stick to Di?

I know it’s a cliché but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. I wrote stories and plays for my family, won essay and short story competitions in school, through college I wrote role plays for my tutors to use and once qualified, for the students I taught. When my kids were little they had made-up bedtime stories and couldn’t understand why their friends didn’t know the characters they described. They refused to accept for many years that I, their mother of all people, made up stories.

Christmas and birthday cards always contained a poem for each of them and I even penned a poem or two for my husband as wedding anniversary gifts. I didn’t share my work with the wider world until in 1986 my son was born with a rare genetic disorder. I had my first article published in a quarterly magazine for parents and professionals dealing with metabolic diseases in 1987 and became a regular(ish) contributor over the following three years.

My working life was spent as a social worker supporting families affected by substance addiction before moving to work in a hospital’s Social Work department. I had to leave due to ill health and now live with the vagaries of Multiple Sclerosis.

Somewhere along the line, though I know not where, I started writing erotica. I told NO-ONE. My husband however found one of my notebooks and encouraged me to share them. So in 2003 I had two stories published as e-books and one published in The Mammoth Book of Women’s Erotica in 2009.

I am now trying my hand at more conventional short story writing and am working on a novella. (That is when I am not chatting to my friends on Facebook or catching up with my newly developed obsession of reading blogs!)

I have decided to share with you two pieces I wrote very recently (Please note that Dianne had intended only ONE piece to be used, but I enjoyed BOTH so much that I have made an APExecutive decision to inlude BOTH pieces (with her permission of course 🙂 Click on the titles below to be taken to see them).


The Serious Piece


The Not So Serious piece


It was from a very random post of one a friend on Facebook, I drew the inspiration for the story I am sharing. I hope you enjoy it.

Find out more about Dianne at the following links:




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