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Glynis Smy

Glynis Smy was born in the UK in the coastal town of Dovercourt. It is a small town set in the Ports of Harwich, and Parkeston (outlet to Holland). Harwich was the hometown of the captain/owner of The Mayflower, and Samuel Pepys. After leaving school she became a nurse, a wife, and then a mother of three. Running a home, assisting in her husband’s pharmacies, and chasing her tail with school and sporting activities, Glynis rarely had time to write.

While at school she wrote poetry, and won a few competitions. Encouraged by her English teacher, she wrote short stories, and entertained her younger cousins on babysitting nights. The poetry kept her sane during long periods sitting beside dying patients, and through moments of depression. In 2005, she and her husband left the grown up family to fend for themselves, and headed for the island of Cyprus. While there, Glynis found the Internet a great place to meet other writers, and wrote a short story which she shared. Another author challenged her to expand the story, and write a novel. With little hope of it ever coming to fruition, Glynis embarked upon a journey she never regrets. Ripper, My Love and Ripped Genes, stem from that short story. She also wrote, Maggie’s Child which is becoming a reader’s favourite, and she has been compared to, Catherine Cookson, Josephine Cox, and George Eliot. Never did she think her dream of becoming the writer of a novel would happen. Sadly, the author, Jan Harper, who encouraged her forward died before reading them.

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In June 2013, Glynis headed back to the UK after the loss of her father in 2012, and now resides in her birth town once more. Her current WIP is based in this area during the 1800’s and inspiration is all around. Her recent purchase of a bicycle means Glynis can be seen heading off to the local library. This is a thrill as she has been without libraries for eight years. The sea winds blow away cobwebs and keep her focused on the main character, Elle Buchanan, and release date in 2014.

Glynis is now a full-time carer for her mother, helps look after her toddler granddaughter, goes fishing with her husband, creates cards for the local Alzheimer group raising funds in her father’s memory, and cross stitches. She also runs a blog or two. One of which hosts author interviews, and another showcases books for authors. In November 2013, she will attend her first writing event, The Festival of Romance, and meet several of her online friends from the writing community for the first time. An eventful year in the life of author, Glynis Smy.

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