#Read about Guest Pre-published #Writer / #Author Jennifer Higney

Jennifer Higney

Jennifer Higney is a mother of two small girls, a scholar, a writer, and a blogger. She recently turned 30 and writes her blog on the hardship and humor on being a Jill-of-all-Trades. Jennifer has been writing her whole life and was first published at nine years old for a poem she wrote. It can be found in The Anthropology for Young Authors. Feeling down on her life and her luck she started blogging about it, and realized she is far from being alone. Since the blog has been for the short duration of 2 months she has been interviewed on the Friends of Kevin Radio Show on 1590 WSMN.


You can hear all about the interview on her blog.

She hopes to inspire other woman like her, and has started a Facebook group under Life On The Spin Cycle for woman only to vent, cry, bitch, talk, and support each other, and even to advertise their businesses if they have one. It is a judgment free zone.  

Men can also have a lot to gain when they read Jennifer’s blog. They will realize it is not just their girlfriend or wife who has the same daily struggles. Many people think that being a stay-at-home mom is sitting on the couch watching Soap Operas all day. Jennifer says that is a strong misconception. Her day consists of Nick Jr. all day, with no time for grown-up television shows. She has cleaning, and laundry, and chasing a 3 year old, and caring for her 6 year old, and writing and she is even double majoring online at SNHU for Creative Writing and Sociology. She does all this with no car, and small pockets. She is in the middle of writing a nano and flash fiction collection book in which she hopes to have at least 15 stories in. It will be for on the go readers that only have a few minutes and want to escape into another world and leave the reality of their lives behind. Jennifer is asking for donations on her website and you will be rewarded if you do so, so please check her site out and find out how. She can be found on Facebook at Jennifer Higney and if you are a woman of any age you can join her group on Facebook and you are welcome to invite your girlfriends as well!


She can also be found on Google+ Circles under Jennifer Higney and you can follow her on Twitter.

In between writing her first collection she is also working on a novel and a short story. Her novel will be about an epic love that will struggle much but when all else fails we realize that love is sometimes all we have. And her short story will be a fun story about her coming of age, really one to look forward to. That should be out the middle of 2014, fingers crossed! She finds that her kids are her biggest inspiration. Jennifer has a lot of support and constant encouragement from her mom Debbie, her step-father Pete, her grandparents Pina and Tony, her brother Justin, her boyfriend Rolie, and her best friend Katie. She is thankful every day for their positivity it is what keeps her going and helps her never give up no matter how hard things may be at times.

Jennifer offers up some valuable advice on writers block that you can also hear on her radio interview which is posted to her blog.

In between all this Jennifer passed the State of CT Boards last year and is also a Registered Medical Assistant. Busy is the not the word for Jennifer. She hopes that woman and men around the world can benefit from her blog, and will support her in the first book she will be releasing. “If ONE person benefits from what I have to say and I can inspire or change their life in some way, I feel that I will then be successful and my life complete” she says. 

5 thoughts on “#Read about Guest Pre-published #Writer / #Author Jennifer Higney

  1. Way to go Jennifer! Have you heard the maxim ‘if you need something doing, give the job to a busy person’? I have a feeling it was written for you! Good luck with the nano and I’m now going to read your blog.
    Best wishes



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