Author Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson lives (behind a keyboard somewhere in rural Bedfordshire) with her husband and three children, plus, a cat called Mog, and a dog that her family refused to allow her to call Dog, because Aristotle said that to be a balanced person you need a dog to adore you and a cat to ignore you (and because the other cat cleared off without even leaving a note).

Victoria (who spends most of her time creating new worlds, characters, and religions, so is often found wearing odd socks, with unbrushed hair and a faraway look in her eye) has been making things up and writing things down since she was a small child. She only really realised other people might be interested in reading her writings when people came across her material by accident and loved it.

In her mid teens Victoria wrote and edited a 1500 word feature for a major UK broadsheet.

She has since started the successful Victoria’s Notebook blog, a collection of short stories, flash fiction and the odd piece of verse, often published pre edit and edited live taking into account (or not) the comments left.

It was because of the support the author received, through the comment stream and online writer’s support groups but mainly the massive support on Twitter (in particular from two special people) that Strange Love was released, followed by another short story collection Strange Worlds and another super secret project is underway.

Where will you hear about it first?

Well on her website, of course!

How do you find it?

By clicking on her name in my Authors Websites blogroll in the right column.

Her books include:

Strange Love – Short Stories and Twisted Tales (Strange Stories)

Love can bring us together, but it can also tear us apart.

Dive into ten very different tales all sharing the theme of love; the good, the bad and the hideously ugly. Maternal love leads to obsession, infidelity leads to heartbreak and a prince ends up very disappointed with his lot.

You may have seen one or two of these characters before, but never in this light.

Twisted perspectives on old tales and new stories whose characters will stay with you forever…

To love is man’s greatest gift, and his greatest curse.

These ten short stories and twisted fairytales all deal with the theme of love, whether for your partner, someone unobtainable, your children, parents or even your God, and how that love shapes our lives, for good or bad.

Love isn’t always pretty, and is shown here warts and all.

Maternal love turns to obsession, infidelity goes sour and a prince is sorely disappointed.

And you may never quite think of Snow White or Rapunzel in the same way again.

Strange Worlds – Surreal Stories and Tainted Tales (Strange Stories #2)

Slip into fifteen dark tales that show the world through a strange new perspective.

Take your imagination on a journey that begins before birth and continues long after death, stopping off to marvel, tremble and wonder at the strange worlds in between.

Meet zombies, vampires, leprechauns, even a genie, as you have never seen them before.

Ponder what the world feels like for a child as yet unborn, spend a sleepless night with a would-be murderer, and see what becomes of the angel who trades places with one of the most vulnerable in our society.

Find out what life feels like when you can no longer rely on your senses, when you have no-one left to trust, not even yourself…

If you like your short fiction shrouded in darkness and sprinkled with the strange, then this is the collection for you.

Leap into the unknown, and see the world through someone else’s mind…

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