Guest Author DeeAnn Frye

DeeAnn Frye

Circle of Five is my debut novel as well as the birth of my life long dream to become a published author. I am a self professed bookworm and also love photography and scary movies…the ‘make you sit on the edge of your seat biting off all your fingernails’ kind of scary movies, not the ‘gory blood spewing guts spilled all across the floor kind of scary movies’…ick!

This year has been quite the learning experience for me. From deciding to take the self-publishing route, to editing my own work, to learning self-promotion and book marketing strategies…as much of my hair as I have pulled out it’s a miracle I’m not bald! Even with all this newfound knowledge, most days I feel as if I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I have been married for15 years now and have three pretty awesome kiddos, ages 6, 7, and 11. I live in a relatively small east Texas town, although on holiday weekends and during the summer it seems as bustling as any large city due to the large lake I live about 2 blocks away from. I love that I can sit outside early in the morning or at sunset and see bunny rabbits, squirrels, and various birds. I do not, however, love the raccoons who are forever making themselves welcome to the contents of my trash can. Ah well, we can’t always have it all right? I’ll take the raccoons over living in a city where I am surrounded by tall buildings and not able to see the stars at night any day.


Now, about the book…as I mentioned, Circle of Five is my debut novel and is a Fantasy Fiction set in the late nineteenth century New England area. The main character, Sarah Barton, is not one to simply follow the rules and she definitely isn’t afraid to take a risk. But Sarah will soon find out that actions have consequences, and one of her actions may have a terrible impact on the future of her small, tight-knit community.

I should mention that Sarah, her entire family, and others residing in their small town are witches. Although, they prefer to be called gifted ones as they practice a more “natural” form of the craft. Unfortunately for the gifted ones, all forms of witchcraft have been forbidden by the commoners and anyone suspected of being a witch or caught practicing the craft is sentenced to a harsh death.

Maintaining a ruse of normalcy is especially difficult for Sarah as her own fiancé is a commoner and does not share her family’s talents. As if she doesn’t have enough going on with the celebration of her towns first centennial, planning her wedding, dreams of starting her own business, and working in the family mercantile, Sarah, along with a few of her closest friends, will be propelled down a life-altering path when an ancient prophecy comes to fruition.

Sarah will travel to places and see things she never could have imagined possible. When she finds herself torn between two loves, having to choose between right and wrong, good or evil…will she make the right decision? And will the prophecy of her people be fulfilled before it is too late?

Before I leave you all I’d like to answer a frequently asked question from those who have already read Circle of Five which is…will there be a second book?

The answer to that question is…YES! I am currently working on the second AND third books which will round out the trilogy. In addition, there will also be a novella, which will be a diary of one of the characters in Circle of Five. Those of you who have read the book already know whose diary it will be and I hope you all are as excited about it as I am! 😉

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