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Mari has been writing for years, since she was a teen. Not one of the thousands of poems has survived, as she would burn her notebooks. Years later, while pregnant with her first child she filled notebooks with silly children’s stories, which were also burned. Throughout the years, she’s burned a great deal of short stories, poems, and journals.

Until, one story began to haunt her two years ago. Two short stories later, the voice of Emily Romano wouldn’t leave; she’d get especially vocal at night preventing a good night’s sleep. In an attempt to silence Emily’s constant retelling of her life; Mari began to write late into the night, her right hand stiff and contorted into an unnatural form, scribbling in notebooks, until she had a vampire novel. Through the life changing events in Emily’s world, the story Awakened By Death was born and now awaits revisions.

Mari has short stories published in various magazines, and on different websites and blogs. On her own blog she shares her knowledge of paranormal beings like vampires, witches and werewolves. There is also a scattering of short stories, and poems. She is contributing a editor at The Darker and contributing writer at Paranormal Underground Magazine.

In addition to writing for The Darker Half and Paranormal Underground Magazine, she is working on the sequel to Awakened By Death, where Emily must learn about her new life and about the rivaling covens that want to take it from her. There is a YA paranormal mystery, about Haylee Roberts and her new life in a new state after her father dies, in her WIP folder and a NA werewolf story about Miranda Wolf, and whether she’ll follow the fate her family wants or make her own.

She’s also working on a YA paranormal collection of short stories regarding a young girl learning to be a witch. Opal has some comedic overtones as she fails most of her witchcraft lessons, before mastering them. There isn’t a deadline for Opal, but she hopes to have it self-published by summer of 2014.

Mari has found when she allows herself to write, allowing her true romantic nature to be free she feels at peace with her own soul and those around her. Wishing to share with the world, the things she has to say, the creative visions and words that move and haunt her. Hoping others are moved by her humble musings, she has been searching for outlets to submit her works too.

Side note, her conscious now gnaws at her for burning so many sheets of paper.

Links where you can find out more about Mari:

Author Facebook Page

Personal Facebook Page







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11 thoughts on “Online Author Mari Wells

  1. I love it Daven! My bio is definitely “The Burning Times” it lasted close to a decade and fits so well with my paranormal genre.
    Sometimes the “big Idea” is so much better than a few or lot of no good ideas. 😀


  2. Mari looks like a fascinating author Chris. I like all that stuff too, so I’m off to follow her blog to begin with. Why did you burn all your poems and stories Mari? Do you remember any of them now?


    • Hi Jorobinson176
      I burned them because the inner critic was cruel, and others I let read my work were just as cruel, if not worse. My teenage poems were dark and tragic. The children’s stories were silly rhymes about frogs who lived on logs and whales who swam in pails, that sort of silliness.
      I realized when writing my novel that I was happy when I was writing. And Emily Romano believed in my ability to tell her story. So I took a deep breath and jumped into the official world of writing.
      Thank you for following my blog. 😀



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