Author Shelby Westland


Shelby claims she has been an avid reader since “the tender (and often complicated) age of 13”, when she happened to pick up her first ever romance novel at the school library during an English class reading hour.

That novel was called Divine Evil by Nora Roberts and has been hopelessly hooked since.

It wasn’t until nearly a decade later, while attending university for her degree in Social Sciences (a mixture of Sociology, History, and Geography, along with a minor in Psychology, which no doubt lends help in getting into the “heads” of her characters, with a better understanding of that strange thing called human nature, as well as that of the fickle heart), that she become inspired to write down all of the ideas in her head on an actual piece of paper.

Thus, the courage stuck, and after countless hours of research (although days or months is probably more like it), the hard work of blind dedication, and a handful of years later, her manuscript was finally polished and completed.

Her debut Historical Fiction/Romance Novel is:

The Legacy of Blood (The Sanguivore Saga, Book One) (see my Historical Fiction & Romances Bookcases)

An epic family saga begins to unfold as The Legacy of Blood (the first in a series) draws you in and centers you around the lives of William and Quinnlyn, two lost souls whose all-encompassing love they share for one another surpasses the boundaries of time and mortality itself.

William—the real-life royal son and heir of England’s once-great king, William the Conqueror—finds himself standing among the magnificent and picturesque gardens of Hampton Court Palace one day, staring across at a rare beauty in green that captivates his every fiber, his every sense.

He is drawn to her like no other lady before, knowing without qualm nor question that his heart would forever belong to her and to her alone, that it would be the day he would remember eternally, the day that all became lost.

Only it is not one set within the bookends of his supposed life, but in that of early 18th century London—about 600 years after the medieval historians account of his untimely death.

For it was known among few that he and his chosen siblings carried within their lifeblood their ancestral line of the Sanguivore—the vampyre.

Quinnlyn—a Highland lass born in the tumultuous times of late 13th century Scotland—possesses a few secrets of her own, however.

One, being that she still-unexplainably cannot die.

And two, as she later comes to discover, that she is able to see and feel the myriad-colored auras of those around her—linking each person’s emotions, each person’s lifeforce with that of her own.

And the key to unlocking this new-found power within: her William.

Only trouble is, the thought of losing him one day to the inevitable, that he should have to shed his mortal coil and leave this world without her, forces her to make a life-altering decision—one in which she cannot escape—in order to spare them both the pain of a doomed future together before she becomes lost in him for good.

A love that transcends all lies, all deceit, all secrets kept and revealed.

A love that goes beyond the barriers of all life, all death, all time as we know it.

A love unbidden, and unforgotten.

With heart, passion, and plenty of character-driven soul, The Legacy of Blood is a romantic historical fantasy set dually in the Septembers of both 1710—when they first meet—and then 300 years later in modern-day London—where their fates unexpectedly intertwine themselves once again as each unknowingly seeks to relive their treasured moments caught within the memories of that month shared so long ago.

Flashbacks build up at last to reveal a dark and crucial past in the royal family’s legacy as it spans the course of over ten centuries—enchantingly bringing to the forefront the lives of William and Quinnlyn throughout the most pivotal times in their perpetual existence, the experiences that shaped them into exactly who they are and who they’ll forever become.

And the true love that binds them—past, present, and evermore.

Find out more about Shelby by clicking HERE.



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