Guest Poet & Author Susan D. Elliott

Susan Elliott

Believe it or not, writing an article about yourself is rather daunting. Where does one begin? I guess, at the beginning. I’ve been writing poetry since I was nine years old. A few years ago, that was not quite as impressive, but now that I’m nearly 37, maybe the impact is greater. I was raised by a fantasy fiction writer, and spent much of my time dreaming about the worlds she created, and if I was lucky I got to tag along to her writers group meetings in Austin, Texas. I guess it was that exposure that created my love for writing, because I LOVE writing.

I studied Creative Writing at Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) and at the University of Arkansas. I received my degree in General Studies from NWACC, but to date I still haven’t finished my Bachelor’s Degree—life keeps getting in the way. I’ve lectured at the Northwest Arkansas Community College Spring Arts Festival. I have also lectured at Bryan College in Rogers, Arkansas, and most recently I spoke to an auditorium full of honor students at Port Lavaca High School in Port Lavaca, Texas. I love public speaking almost as much as I love writing poetry.

I am an active member of the Virginia Writers Group, a Brown Coat and an aspiring fantasy writer. I began writing my book Collision of Fire and Ice several years ago, and am now only really getting it done. I think that’s a common story.

My favorite writers are Stephen King,  Stephen Lawhead, Dan Brown, JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer—Yes, I admit it, I am a huge Twilight fan, and live in a house divided between Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Alice–if you count my hubby. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan, and have actually won a costume contest dressed as Mrs. Weasley (using clothes from my own closet).

To date I have four collections of poetry available on (two in print), and three are available on Nook via Barnes and My first poetry collection is entitled Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind, and that really does describe my poetry. It wanders and meanders, jumps from one subject to another, but I love it, and I hope my readers do too. My newest collection is only available on at the moment. It is entitled Every Flaw, Every Perfection.

I operate the blog Susan’s Poetic Blogosphere. It started out on Blogger, but it now lives on WordPress at susanspoeticblogosphere I love blogging. Originally I only had my poetry listed on the site, but now it has grown to include my favorite poetry written by some of my favorite Indie authors. There are also pages devoted to the craft of writing. I hope you check it out!

You can find me on, Barnes and, Susan’s Poetic Blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter under the handle @arwenchandler. I love talking to fans, and I do reply to comments. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind


Barnes & Noble

Every Flaw, Every Perfection



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