Is Your Blog On Kindle? A Quick ‘How To’ Get Your Blog On Kindle.

Ruth Nina Welsh

I’ve noticed several blogs on Kindle, quite a few of them Author’s Blogs and was wondering what YOUR opinions about it might be?

Ruth Nina Welsh

Is your blog available on Kindle? If it is, that’s excellent! If it’s not, maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. Or, maybe you’re thinking it’s a complicated process. In fact, it’s really easy. I recently made my Be Your Own Counsellor & Coach website available to subscribe to on Kindle and it was a simple task.

For those of you who might be interested in doing something similar, here’s how to put your blog on Kindle in a few easy steps:

  • Visit Kindle Publishing For Blogs and set up an account.
  • When logged in, click ‘Add Blog,’ and complete the sign-up form. You will need your RSS feed, blog description, tagline and a picture to display on your Amazon page. I chose a screenshot of my website:

Blog Capture May BYOCC

  • With all of your information filled in, click to ‘Generate Blog Preview’ and remember to hit ‘Save’ in case it doesn’t go…

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  1. I wanted to get my blog on Kindle too, but it doesn’t work on Safari. I guess Kindle hates Apples. I’m not going to download another browser just to be able to do this one thing. Alas, missed opportunity by Kindle, don’t they know there’s millions of people with a Mac?


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