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The pen name “Magnolia Belle” came from a dream of one day owning a riverboat that offered dinner, sultry jazz and hot R&B while floating down the Mississippi. Realizing she didn’t have the millions it’d take to get that dream off the ground, she took the name to write under. She figured it’d be one hard to forget. Plus, it’s as southern as she is.

Magnolia Belle grew up in a military family and has lived in several U.S. states as well as the Orient. She graduated in 1978 from Tarleton State University, where, as editor of the University paper, she won first place in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Editorial competition in 1977. She is also a member of “Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities” in 1977-78. A singer/songwriter and guitarist, she played with a band in the 1980s that made three albums. She currently lives in Texas with her husband.

Since 2005, Belle has written and coauthored several books.

The coauthored books are “Miko and Lil Onda Bus” and “Miko and Lil Onda Bus Again”, inspired by the lives of the three brothers in the Grammy winning band, Los Lonely Boys. On the first day of starting a new tour, the Garzas find they have a talking mouse, Miko, living on their tour bus. Miko finds his girlfriend Lil, moves her onto the bus with him, and teaches her to speak human. Mayhem and hilarity ensue when ‘mousenappers’ want those talking mice! It was with Henry, Jo Jo and Ringo Garzas’ permission that the books were published. All sales go to a SIDs charity.

The first series Magnolia Belle wrote, “Black Wolf” involves the story of four Lakota brothers living in Austin, TX. They have a rock band and have just signed with a national label when the series beings. Through the four novels, readers see how their world explodes and how they try to keep their equilibrium. The novels are “Black Wolf: Lakota Man”, “Black Wolf at Rosebud,” “Black Wolf on Tour” and “Black Wolf: Loco Lobo”.

The second series, “T’on Ma”, is historical fiction set along the Texas/Oklahoma border in beginning in 1850. The Cooper family homesteads land about an hour north of what is now Abilene, TX. When a Kiowa warrior and an Army lieutenant both fall in love with Lana Cooper, a story unfolds that carries them through the Indian and Civil wars. The three novels are T’on Ma”, “Kuy Syan Joshua” and “Little Wolf Ranch.”

The first stand alone novel, “Tascosa” is a western set in what is now a ghost town in the panhandle of Texas. It describes the life and adventures of a young woman, Amanda Clark, who moves to the lawless town without knowing anyone. She manages to carve a successful business for herself, but not without facing heartbreak.

The second stand alone novel, “Lady Gwendolyn” has just been released. It’s also historical fiction, but instead of Texas, it is placed in 12th century England and Scotland. Bandits beset a caravan taking Lady Gwendolyn Hampton of England to marry Angus Dewar in Scotland. In the confusion, she escapes, while the bandits think her maid, Madeleine, is her. From one peril to another, Madeleine must keep the ruse in order to stay alive.

All books are available in paperback at major online stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are also available in all e-reader formats from Autographed copies can be purchased through the author’s website which you can go to by clicking on the Black Wolf Logo below:


Magnolia Belle thanks Chris for sharing his blog and his time to help her promote her work. His generosity will be rewarded.

Find out more about Magnolia HERE.

Click the link below to see the “Lady Gwendolyn” book trailer:

2 thoughts on “Guest Author Magnolia Belle

  1. I read Black Wolf: Lakota Man a few weeks ago and I loved it – so much so that I downloaded the rest of the series immediately. I will definitely be reading Lady Gwendolyn soon, it looks really good.



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