Author Christian Blake

Christian Blake started writing fiction in grade school, and was first published in his late teens with a story titled The Coming – a short story about the coming of the antichrist. The story is told from an unusual perspective: The narrator recounts, through a ham radio, unfortunate mistakes made by a group of individuals which ultimately allow the antichrist to break into the world of the living. It’s an easy read that quickly descends into a dark and foreboding atmosphere.

Christian currently lives in the mountains above Lake Tahoe, at about 8,000 feet elevation. To be sure, the weather is extreme. Sometimes it will snow for several days in a row, and if you’re not diligent about shoveling snow, your car will become buried and lost in a matter of hours. Despite the cold weather and extreme conditions, the mountain views are breathtaking, particularly looking down into the Carson Valley.

While he can fabricate intricate storylines on a whim, he is also a critical analyst; he works both ends of the spectrum – extreme creativity and extreme analysis. His analytical talents led to an 18 month study of highly successful theatrical films. The results of that study can be found in his Seven Moments books. In a nutshell, there are Seven Moments that captivate an audience: Introduction, Reunion, Good-bye, Discovery, Reinforcement, Conflict, and Plotting. All stories are told through the Seven Moments, but the better stories keep the moments tightly related and focused on the continual expression of the storyline. While all moments are integral to an entertaining story, the most powerful moment is Reinforcement. It’s the one moment that separates academy award winning movies from the rest.   

When not writing fiction, Christian is an avid horse racing enthusiast. He follows one northern California track in particular: Golden Gate Fields. His love for horse racing started at an early age when he spent afternoons at his grandfather’s house. His grandpa’s name was Budweiser and he was a bookie in southern California. Of all the sports his grandfather took wagers on, Christian loved listening to the radio broadcasts for horse racing. “Bud” once gave his grandson a wise piece of advice: “The only way to beat the horses is not to play them.”

Christian enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and any activity that involves the outdoors. He loves extreme weather, and will just as soon go hiking during a thunderstorm as he will read a book beside his fireplace. While most people fear driving in snow storms, Christian loves it. There is nothing more enjoyable than off-roading through ice and snow.

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His books include:

Banana Man (See my KIDS KORNER Bookcase)

Danny Zuco wants to buy the latest edition of his favorite comic book, Banana Man, but first he’ll have to contend with a vicious dog, a mean cop, and the fact that all his friends are vying for the same comic. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t have the buck to buy it. The clock is ticking down and time is running out. Soon, Mr. Cleary will sell the last copy. Will Danny get the dollar and make it back to the store in time?

One Minute Stories (See my KIDS KORNER and Short Stories Bookcase)

This book contains a mixture of 50 different very short stories (Slice of Life / Snippets / Short Shorts) from a child’s perspective.

Samantha sat on an old park bench surrounded by daisies, eating her ice cream and swinging her feet. The park bench said, “Would you like to hear a story?” Samantha nodded. “Yes, please.” The bench said, “This used to be a farm, and there was a schoolhouse over there. A boy and a girl would meet before class, and share warm buttered bread from the bakery. Sometimes, after school, they would have a picnic on the grass, eating grapes and cheese and crackers. And often, at night and under the stars, they would kiss and hold each other for many hours.” Samantha smiled. “That’s a nice story. Tell me another one.”

and thus begins One Minute Stories.


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