Guest Author Lucy Pireel

Lucy Pireel

Carefully I make my way through the bushes. Don’t want to disturb the big Ape just yet. 🙂

I want to surprise him with some BANANAS!

Oops, I think I just woke him up. 🙂

Hi Chris, thanks for allowing me into your lush environment to blab about my books.


You want me to talk about me too?

Erm, I’m … I … *sweats bullets and turns crimson. Clears throat* Okay then. 🙂

I’m a female. No ape, but more of a mouse. A little mouse who does know how to roar when need be. 🙂 But I digress.

I’m an author who doesn’t like to be caught in any one genre so I write all sorts. At the moment I have published:

A raunchy novella called Bound (.com) Bound (


A collection of twisted fairy tales called Red Gone Bad (.com) Red Gone Bad (

Red Gone Bad

and a two short story book Heaven’s Closed (Smashwords)

Heaven's Closed

This last one is permanently free to download. Heaven’s Gate, one of the two stories in this one has won a contest, an achievement I am particularly proud of. 🙂

I’m working on the next short story collection at the moment. It will contain shorts and flash fiction, but all have death and related issues. Let’s say these are the dark ones too.


Eh, I don’t think it’s horror, or it could be, but I like to think it has suspense too, and some romance.

There are even moments I couldn’t help but smile (I have a funny sense of humour I must admit.)

You’ll just have to wait for them to come out and judge for yourself. Nearly ready for publication, just need to tackle the final things the editor gave me to work on in his editorial review.

Sorry, I’m straying off the path again. 🙂

Back to the ‘about me’ bit.

Right, I’m a woman, mother, walker, talker (yes, I love to talk and if you don’t shut me up I’ll fill your ears with all sorts. 🙂 ) author (published traditionally and self) and yoga instructor.

I love to cook and bake, although I do not always succeed in the kitchen, but I try. 🙂

Not much of a housewife though. Hahaha, I’ll always choose writing over cleaning and don’t mind a bit of a mess in the house. (Mess doesn’t equal dirty. 🙂 )

And finally I’m a blogger who loves to host other authors on her blog and read their books to review.

Check out my blog, or my site and see what else I’m up to because I don’t want to overstay my welcome here at the Ape’s place.

Sorry Ape, I seem to have eaten your BANANAS! Hahahahaha, YELP, o’er, what big, Big, BIG fangs you’ve got, gotta go, gotta run, gotta Dental appointment I MUST keep (thinks…before it becomes an A&E appointment)



5 thoughts on “Guest Author Lucy Pireel

  1. Thanks for tolerating me in your territory Ape! I had great fun and the BANANAS (Ooops, did it again) were delish. Don’t mind if I come sneaking back in to see who else you have wondering around on your turf. 🙂



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