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Valerie Ormond and Chance

Valerie Ormond is a retired U.S. Naval intelligence officer and writer. She credits having read every book in the Nancy Drew mystery series for her two career choices. She writes young adult fiction books and non-fiction stories for readers of all ages. Valerie hopes to share lessons learned through stories based on her military, travel, and life experiences.

Her first novel, “Believing In Horses” about a young girl rescuing horses, won the Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal in Young Adult Books and the Stars and Flags Book Awards Gold Medal in Children’s Literature. Her debut novel also received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Official Seal of Approval and Best Product award and numerous other awards.

Believing in Horses (See General Books Bookcase)


After her family moves to Maryland and her dad deploys to Afghanistan, Sadie gets a new young horse named Lucky who proves to be a handful—but all of that is just the beginning of the trouble in this young adult novel. Together, Sadie and Lucky encounter horse thieves, Maryland storms, and unwanted horses destined for auction and uncertain futures. Sadie makes it her personal mission to save these animals, meeting fellow people dedicated to rescuing horses along the way, while learning that others are driven only by greed

Valerie’s second book, “Believing In Horses, Too,” highlights the healing power of horses and is scheduled for a February 2014 release.

When Valerie is not writing, she volunteers for equine organizations, conducts writing workshops, participates in writing groups, coordinates the Voice For The Horse Annual Children’s Writing Competition, travels, rides horses, and enjoys her family.

Valerie would love to connect with Chris the Story Reading Ape’s readers and friends and can be reached via the following:

Happy reading and writing, all!


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