Author Justin Tyme

Justin Tyme

Justin Tyme is the author of Avar-Tek Events, speculative science fiction short stories based on current research in science and engineering. 

The Avar-Tek Events provide technical background for the Avar novels. 

The first novel, Recruiting Angels, is expected to be published early 2013.

Born in Simi Valley, California, Justin attended 12 different schools until he finished high school on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

He returned to the States and after 11 years in college, graduated with two degrees, one in Electrical Engineering.

 He is currently working as an electrical engineer, robotics programmer, landlord, and father of seven.

Sometimes he even writes a thing or two, including:


A Taste of Earth (Avar-Tek Event 1)

NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid team is tracking asteroid 2027 UX25 when, without explanation, it changes direction and heads for earth.

When they inspect the impact sites, they discover that the meteorite fragments are not what they expect.

The press has nick-named the asteroid ‘Hachiman,’ after the Shinto god of war and patron god of the samurai, an omen of things to come.

Hachiman does not behave like an asteroid should. It fragments and impacts across the globe.

The global environments changes: diseased plankton in the Atlantic Ocean, silicon-based killer organisms in northern Russia, and green-house gasses spike globally.


Death Has No Shadow (Avar-Tek Event 2)

When a military accident releases swarms of microscopic robots called forger nanites into the environment, science intern Kutisha finds that her lab is their target.

As three swarms head her way, the military dispatches hover-tanks carrying human sized robotic mechs.

Alone, late at night, she places her faith in the mechs, watching the battle between the big and little machines unfold on her doorstep.

The question may not be who will win, but who to trust.


Cohesion Lost (Avar-Tek Event 3)

For Alexander Sevik, providing for his family is hard enough without losing grip on reality.

His dreams are real.

One night, he lives the entire life of a deckhand on a Spanish galleon.

The next night, it’s life as an ancient Roman senator.

Next, he is a cyborg on a space cruiser.

When he wakes, he sometimes forgets who he is.

His hands tingle for no reason, and the strange man who is following him talks about aliens.

When he discovers the key to his dreams, he uncovers a national threat.

And he has to choose between his own sanity or saving lives.

Find out more about Justin and his books by clicking HERE.



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