Author Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill lives in Manchester, UK and works as a pharmacist full-time. He took up writing as an independent author in early 2012.

In June 2012 came his debut release, ECLECTIC: Ten Very Different Tales, a short story collection covering a wide range of genres. (See my blog Short Stories Bookcase)


Ten tales to entertain, move, shock and surprise.

A tender relationship lasting a lifetime plays out over just a handful of pages.

The line between reality and fiction is dangerously blurred for teenage gamer Kevin.

A man’s past comes back to haunt him in a terrifying ghostly encounter.

Hapless Jim the birdwatcher is on a mission to spot a rare bird.

Thomas struggles to survive at both home and school.

The world is introduced to Maureen, who has a disastrous brush with modern art!

Jonathan discovered that for many readers, one particular character in that book stood out – Maureen – her disastrous trip to a modern art exhibition amused and entertained readers and so he gave this hapless character her own series.

In October 2012, Maureen goes to Venice was released, at the time, it was the longest piece he had written.  The comic novella was very well-received by readers and, by the end of her Venetian adventure, many had taken to her character.  


If Maureen were real, I would advise you to avoid her like the plague.

She somehow attracts disaster and farce in equal measure wherever she goes.

As she is fictional though, it should be safe enough for you to encounter her from behind your eReader.

Maureen had a disastrous trip to a modern art exhibition in ‘ECLECTIC: Ten Very Different Tales’. Well, now she’s back in her own feature-length adventure!

The book will give you plenty of laughs and a taste of Italy, so join hapless Maureen on her Venetian break and just be glad you’re not there with her!

In December 2012, the book was named as a recommended read on the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum, and in January 2013, the book was named as one of the top three best short stories in The Best Indie Books of 2012 awards.

In December 2012, A Letter for Maureen was published which delves deeper into this great comic character’s past. 

It is a more emotional read than Maureen goes to Venice, but readers seem to have still found much humour in the book.


When it’s Maureen’s turn to chair the local book group meeting, choosing a new outfit turns out to be the least of her worries.

A secret confided in Maureen by a fellow reader impacts on her life greatly over the following year.

Then comes a revelation which could change the way Maureen lives her life altogether.

The disaster-prone Maureen, recently recovered from her comic mishaps in Venice, stars in a story that is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

A novella of ~18,500 words. This is the second to be published in the Maureen series, but the book can be read as a standalone story.

In May 2013, Jonathan’s second collection of stories, Beyond Eclectic was released.


A lollipop man turns out to be schoolboy Adam’s worst nightmare.

A married couple’s sleep is shattered by a mysterious night visitor.

Little Alice is drawn to the secret inside her parents’ wardrobe.

Widower George grows closer to his best friend, who just happens to be a garden bird.

And Maureen, star of her own series of misadventures, returns in a brand new disaster!

A book of ~32,000 words.

Jonathan has also contributed short stories to three anthologies, A Splendid Salmagundi, Pick ‘N” Mix and Indie Bites,

He is currently working on the next book in the Maureen series.

In his spare time (what little there is left after the day job and his writing I should think), he loves to read and is also a keen photographer and theatregoer.

Jonathan is always keen to interact with readers and fellow authors, so please visit his site anytime and chat with him, by clicking HERE.



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