Author Jo Robinson


Jo lives in the windy city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but considers herself a citizen of the world.

She lives with her husband Angus, a dog with an odd sense of humour, four birds (Parrots) and some chickens.

A self professed animal lover, especially feathered ones, Jo also admits to loving champagne, chocolate, any sort of cheese at all and most people.

She likes to read literary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and humour most of all, but has fallen in love with books from most genres at one time or another.

Jo writes mainly sci-fi/fantasy and mainstream fiction.

Other interests are human and animal rights, painting and poetry.

Jo admits that “Sometimes I’m very serious, and sometimes I really am not”.

Books and Short Stories include:

FBFly Birdie (See Short Stories Bookcase)

Hannah’s life has given her no reason to be anything but bitter and afraid.

She tries to hold on to her sanity as her life spirals further into superstition and dread, until a small averted tragedy leads to the melting of her heart, and teaches her how to love.

The Visitation (See Short Stories Bookcase)

Tony had often thought that all of humanity was a blight on the face of this planet. And now he knew that he had been right all along.

sp-1Shadow People (See Fantasy Bookcase)

A hidden room. A prophesy about to be fulfilled.

On Lapillus, the demonic Nefandus torture and kill to satiate their foul hunger. A small number of the dragon-like Voxavi remain in limbo, and their Lord is trapped in a wall of diamond.

Natalie, Gabe, and Brian are propelled into this gem encrusted world, only to find that the fate of the universe rests on their shoulders.

Book one in the Shadow People series.

(This was a 2012 NaNoWriMo Winner)


To find out more about Jo, her books, quirky dog and four mad parrots, visit her website by clicking HERE.


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