Guest Author Gwen Bristol

Gwen Bristol

A promo article (really hard to do, by the way–this is one of the first times I’ve tried to do something like this ):

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a wide range of writing. Most of my published work has been nonfiction articles for local magazines and newspaper inserts in North Dakota, but I’ve been interested in writing poetry and fiction since second grade.

In 2011 I self-published a middle-grade/young adult fantasy entitled The Night Ones Legacy. My fiction work was on hold for about a year and a half after that while I enjoyed a new baby and made my way through a cross-country move, the subsequent settling-in and all the adventures that accompany moving.

I couldn’t stay away from writing. As I got my office set up, I started blogging again at I discovered I really enjoy learning about marketing, and I use this blog (and The Night Ones Legacy) as my learning tools while I continue to write.

Like many authors, I have an extensive list of works-in-progress and ideas for the future—including a sequel to The Night Ones Legacy,  which I hope to have out by the end of the summer (2013). 

Most of my published work has been journalistic in nature. I’ve worked for Minot Daily News and for special sections through Bismarck Tribune. I still occasionally accept article assignments even though my family and I moved from North Dakota to Utah in 2011.

My favorite–and most challenging journalistic endeavor so far–is the chance to be a regular contributor for Bismarck Tribune’s Bakken Breakout.

One private project I feel honored to have worked on was the transcription of letters for Arlene Elle Gray’s Letters from Iran (also available on I’ve done a few other copy editing, line editing and light marketing projects. I love the writing/editing craft in almost every form.

My first fiction book, The Night Ones Legacy, was published in April 2011.  It’s available at in both Kindle and print formats. I still write fiction and hope to get another book out soon.

Meanwhile, I’m busy with a set of nonfiction projects for private clients–and that’s rewarding, too.

Raise your hand if you love the writing life. Who’s with me?


Legacy Book Cover


When Lily breaks the most serious law in her village, she unwittingly unleashes an army of Night Ones, fierce creatures who are rumored to eat children.

As she struggles to make things right, she realizes that not every story she’s been told is true.

In order to save her people, Lily must find a stolen treasure, uncover the truth, and restore a lost emperor to his throne—and she has to do it before time runs out and thousands of innocent lives are lost.

The Night Ones Legacy is a middle-grade fantasy in which the heroine foils a plot to commit genocide on a suppressed minority race, discovers who she is and ultimately regains the family she thought she had lost forever.

May all writers see their books in print.

Find out more by clicking HERE.


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