Author Steve K. Smy

Steve K Smy

Born in 1957 (Died 2013) was quieter than his siblings, Steve first encountered books in the form of what appeared to be a massive tome belonging to his father.  It was full of chemical formulae diagrams, which fascinated and intrigued him, making him want to understand the words that crammed the pages between the diagrams.

Then there were the more obvious books, of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, full of line drawings and contained within colourful hard covers.

Steve could read well before he started school, needless to say, the “Janet and John” style books were not his favourites and boredom at “reading time” in school was something like torture – the torture of boredom.

At the age of 4, he was unfortunate enough to contract bulbar poliomyelitis (polio’, more commonly – bulbar is one of three types).  He considers himself fortunate, however, in that it didn’t quite reach his respiratory system, though it left its mark in subtle ways.

By the age of 13, he was writing for pleasure, as well as reading books that weren’t aimed at his age group. It didn’t take long for more serious writing to take over from the short pieces he had been producing.

His preferred genres are science fiction and (more often) fantasy.

Steve has written and published (as ebooks) stories in three series:

The Fantasy Short Stories “Thief” series:

Thief (Thief, #1)

Tirnam, a young thief, lives in a city under the iron rule of conquerors. Devoted to the man who saved his life, he must choose: risk trying to escape with the crippled old man, or defy the conquerors?

Gabrin: The Avatar (Thief, #2)

The prequel/parallel tale to Thief.

Parr, son of the mighty Elthan Parr, discovers the terrible fate which hangs over him, thanks to his courageous mother. Rebelling, he flees, until he learns of his mother’s cruel death. Driven by that, he determines to destroy his father – and the evil he contains. Can he triumph over an evil that has lasted for thousands of years?

Ur’gavan (Thief, #3)

Continuing on from the end of both “Thief” and “Gabrin: The Avatar”, this short story sees the people of the ancient city of Ur’gavan facing grave danger. The one-time boy thief, Tirnam, and his friend Gabrin Parr, must seek to forge a new future, a future of hope. They are the only ones who can achieve the impossible, or can they? The risks are enormous, but the rewards are even greater…

Intruder (Thief, #4)

A new threat arises, but one from within. This danger, however, is not one that will not succumb to any normal solution. Tirnam must rely on friends old and new if the threat is to be overcome.

The Guild (Thief, #5)

The Guild: a criminal organisation that lurks in every corner of Ur’gavan. The Guildmaster: chief of that organisation. And caught between old oaths and new: Tirnam.

The prince and his friends are confronted by the Guild’s brutal methods. His power challenged by the demands of the guildmaster, they must prove that Tirnam is the only ruler of the city.

The Horror/Future fiction “G1: The Guardians” series:

Evil Under The Circle

A chance find of a tunnel under an ancient stone circle leads to a terrible secret, hidden millennia before. As terror strikes, and evil consumes, only one group can help: the Guardians. Their elite team, G1, arrives and must overcome the ancient evil. If they fail, then the very world will be destroyed.

Joined by unexpected allies, G1 face one of the greatest challenges their organisation has ever encountered, and there’s no guarantee that they will survive!

Shade of Evil

A simple man bears a terrible burden, unknowing. Now, that burden is killing him, seeking freedom from his exhausted hulk. Freedom to satisfy its evil hunger.

A darkness dwelt there, a vile miasma of misery that gnawed at the very soul of the man. It had been there for years, growing like some parasite, growing bloated with every bit of melancholy that was sucked from him. Worse, it was taking on a life of its own, a substance that should not exist. And the man was becoming something less, something hollow.

The Sigil of Ahriman (His latest book)

An artefact of evil from antiquity is in the hands of a madman, and only the Guardians can oppose his insane schemes!

Against all precedent, a stranger is allowed into the inner sanctum of the Guardians.  This man brings news of something that threatens the human race with eternal slavery.  An artefact has been stolen, the Sigil of Ahriman.  Now, it is in the possession of an unknown person, and there can few reasons for that – to tap its power, risking freeing Ahriman, or to deliberately bring the ancient god of Darkness into the world again.

G1, devastated by their last mission, must face this new challenge and win.  Defeat is unthinkable.

The Science Fiction “Captain Henri Duschelle Stories

For the Sake of Mercy

Captain Henri Duschelle must lead his loyal crew on a seemingly impossible mission: to deliver a vital organ to one of the crew’s son, across the longest part of the colonised worlds – to an insane deadline. He is convinced that only his ship, the stunningly beautiful Persephone can make such a journey. But problems lie in wait…

The Ossilan Affair

A terrible disaster on the Earth type planet of Ossilan leads to Captain Henri Duschelle and his crew being enlisted to risk destruction to investigate. The mystery isn’t what it appears to be, with powerful forces working in the background. Can Duschelle solve the mystery, and live to tell the tale?

Other titles by Steve are:

‘To Sail The Dark Sea’, ‘Skylord’, ‘In Nights Shadows’ & ‘Seelie Heiress’, 

To find out more about Steve click HERE and to see his books (some of which are FREE), click HERE.


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  1. Ah, the writer used to read books which were not aimed for his age group… I love such a curiosity in a person. (When the librarian said that you were too young to read certain books, she just ended up making you more curious about them, didn’t she?) 😀



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