Guest Author Nyla Naseer


I am a Birmingham (Kings Heath) based writer of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, sometimes blogger and always adventurer.

Recognising that my writing is somewhat ‘hard to define’ in terms of a single style, I have embraced the ‘honorific’ title of ‘The Elusive Author’ given to me by a friend.

My writing has a tendency to include social commentary; where I explore issues using different genres, writing about the ‘drama’ of life: whether this consists of daily uncertainties, the unintended consequences of simple decisions, or the major milestones that influence the world we live in.

In my contemporary fiction, I try to tease away at the layers that surround people, looking for what shapes their feelings and actions. I am particularly interested in how people react to the pressures and opportunities that face them; what makes some people thrive, whilst others crumble?

In an increasingly complicated world, I write about the simple hopes and fears held by ‘ordinary’ people and how twists of fate can change their lives for ever. ‘Outsiders’ feature prominently in my books.

My first contemporary fiction book: The Pavement Gardener, is a story of upheaval, human frailty and self-realisation. It brings two young migrants together in London (one Latvian and one Irish) where they become embroiled in a plot for revenge. The conclusion reminds the reader that we can never really predict how any particular event will change someone.

The other key genre that I like to adopt increasingly is humour—of the witty variety. I sometimes work with my alter-ego Franklin Zebb to write books that feature the funny, quirky and bizarre side of ordinary and extraordinary events.

I like to hover in the shadows of the most remotely amusing of situations, taking notes whenever I can, crafting tales that I hope will bring forth a smile, even to the most botoxed of faces.

My latest witty (according to friends) book is ‘Being Franklin Zebb‘, a book telling the story of Franklin’s self-imposed exile in a cave, whilst writing ‘Odd Friends and Aliens‘.

Predictably, he attracts a faithful group of followers and curious observers, with whom he shares the remarkable stories of his life, thus far.

The story sees Franklin succeeding, more by luck than judgement, in some key themes of social and cultural change of the past thirty plus years and rightfully claiming the title of ‘Master of the Almost Believable’.

This is a funny, clever, satirical book which draws on naivety and parody whilst it tumbles along!

I run a thought-provoking (and quite often amusing) blog on my website:

My books are available from Amazon:

Digital Downsize

The Pavement Gardner

Being Franklin Zebb




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