Author S. J. Belz

S.J. Belz

Steve is an aspiring writer from Metro-Detroit, who writes any minute he can spare. He also works as a substitute teacher.

He enjoys reading Horror, History, Mythology, and Humour and is always open to new stories, because he never knows what he might like.

His books include:

Into the Black

Katie suffers from extreme phobia. She is afraid of a living entity she simply calls the Black.

Katie’s boyfriend, Mike, convinces her to go on a camping trip. As she tries to heal and face her fear; a new danger lurks close by.

Now Katie is fighting for her life. Can she face what killed her parents many years ago? Can she trust anyone?

Second Chances

Ken drinks to forget the death of his wife and daughter. His life has become a waste. Only when his Reflection breaks free from its own world does Ken remember how precious Life really is.

I Woke Up in a Shopping Cart 

I wake up in a shopping cart underneath a bridge. Getting home proves to be harder than anticipated.

GraveCrossed Lovers 

An interpretation on the classic tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. If Romeo rose from the grave as a zombie that is…

Release Me 

The last appointment of the day just walked into Family Care Dentistry. For Dr. Don Walsh, this routine Root Canal will become anything but ordinary. This day is about to get very dangerous and very deadly.


Rosewood Elementary is a failing school. The students are learning nothing. Teachers prefer to indulge in vices over educating the youth. And the principal’s personal problems are overshadowing his work.
The school will become the testing ground for something terrifying.
Something unstoppable.
Something very, very hungry.

Unfortunately it seems Steve does not have a website, If you know of one, please let me know 🙂



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