Author Michael Brookes


By day Michael works as a Producer for one of the leading UK independent game developers but has always been interested in writing.

His published books include:

The Cult of Me

For years he dwelt apart. With his unique ability he invades and destroys their lives.
Now, bored of the game he decides to enact a bloody last stand, but while preparing his plan in prison he discovers he’s not as unique as he once thought.

An Odd Quartet
A collection of four dark short stories, each with a twist in the tale.

The Yellow Lady
A grave robber encounters a ghost from a story he was told as a child.
This Empty Place
At the heat death of the universe, the Grim Reaper contemplates his existence.
Forced Entry
A special forces team enters a suburban house to rescue a family taken hostage, they encounter more than they were trained for.
The Reluctant Demon
A young demon prepares to take his possession exam.

Conversations in the Abyss

Stealing Lazarus’s miracle gifted him immortality. Combined with his natural ability of invading and controlling people’s minds this made him one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

But the miracle came with a price. His punishment was to be imprisoned within the walls of an ancient monastery and tormented by an invisible fire that burned his body perpetually. To escape the pain he retreated deep into his own mind.

There he discovers the truth of the universe and that only he can stop the coming Apocalypse.

A Splendid Salmagundi

A delicious salad of short stories seasoned with a light dusting of poems, covering a variety of genres.

You will find one or two true stories, some humour, some horror, fantasy, adventure and science fiction.

Many are published authors whose work you may already have read. Others will soon be favourites.

To find out more about Michael and his books, click HERE.


10 thoughts on “Author Michael Brookes

  1. “An Odd Quartet” sounds very interesting! I wonder how the author narrated about a demon preparing to take a possessing exam! Must look for the book! 😀



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