Author Todd Maternowski

Todd Maternowski

Todd has had a variety of jobs, including, art preparator, armored car money counter, toy store janitor, security supervisor, treasure hunter, underground urban explorer, ballroom dance intructor, maintenance man, bass player, corporate shill, mediator, mambo dancer, journalist, dance studio owner and satirist.

But in December 2010, he read George R.R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ and decided, “Hey, I can do this!” He took three dozen tired fantasy cliches, disemboweled, flayed and beheaded them, then sloppily devoured their delicous brains and spat out his first novel. 

Exmortus : Book One Towers of Dawn

The holy men of Exmortus Abbey have unearthed a terrible evil. To save their floundering faith, they dug up an artefact of immense power – and unleashed the demon avatar of long-dead gods.

This was followed by:

Golem (Short Story)

A Midwestern college student, in Prague for a bachelor party, tries to break into the attic of the Old New Synagogue in the ancient Jewish Quarter of the city to steal the legendary Golem of Prague.


An up-and-coming professor of mystery religions and the occult performs a Tarot divination on himself at the urging of his students — and finds he will be murdered within the next three days.

The Moment

A father and his daughter huddle together in a church basement, trying to survive the final five minutes before the Rapture.

Todd’s most recent book is

Exmortus II: Temples Diabolic

Abandoned by his family, his friends and his god, Ash Xavier finds himself utterly alone in a hostile world. Holding a mysterious key that may unlock the gates of Hell itself, Ash must choose whether to do the honorable thing and sacrifice his life for humanity’s survival —or to embark on a mad quest for the woman he loves, a mysterious beauty that may be entirely a product of his imagination.

If you feel like being creeped out, slither over to his FB dungeon by clicking HERE.


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