Author Janet L. Loftis

Janet L. Loftis

Born & raised in the midwest, Janet fled to sunny California to escape the cold, dark winters, only to now explore the colder and darker sides of human nature in her horror and fantasy fiction. 

With a BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, and a MA combining Cultural Anthropology with Creative Writing, Janet’s stories are inspired by the mythos of cultures around the world.

From science-fiction to fantasy to horror, and from short stories to screenplays, Janet has seen her fiction published in a variety of online and print magazines, and placed in the finals and semi-finals of screenplay competitions. 

Next on Janet’s agenda are more horror shorts, a horror screenplay, and the marketing of (believe it or not) a family-friendly screenplay!

Zombies and Aliens

A humorous sci-fi/horror duo includes:

1) Prop Z: California has granted voting rights to zombies. See what happens next.

Answers the age old question – whose brains taste better, Republicans or Democrats?

2) It’s all Fun & Games Until Someone Loses an Eye: you heard that warning from mom while growing up.

Do you think she ever envisioned you becoming an optometrist to aliens?

Gnomes and Aliens

A humorous sci-fi duo:

1) The Human Jean Gnome Project: a hospital laboratory, a dwarf, a confused intern, and puns!

2) Yeah, but can it drive a car?

Aliens fly millions of miles just to navigate California freeways.

Much driving like Starsky and Hutch.

The Boneyard

Bones speak to us.

They want us to remember.

They want us to avenge them.

Sometimes they just want us to join them.

A collection of horror fiction.

Bones in the Fire: “The bone witch of Paliku village is faced with a chilling choice when ancient taboos and village rivalries collide.”

Bonecut: “Two competitive archaeology professors discover why ancient Native Americans never stayed long in this part of the forest.”

Talebones: “An outcast tries to outwit the magical skills of the village oracle as a means of justice for her murdered mother, but her own deadly schemes are revealed instead.”

Skin Job and Other Dark Tales

A new collection of genre short stories, ranging from fantasy to horror to magical realism.

In “Skin Job” two men go on a dangerous hunt to destroy the witches destroying their village. Inspired by an Afro-Carribean folktale. (Note: some minor sexual content.)

In “Your Canoe is in Pacheco” a sadistic husband leaves his wife and child to die in a Louisiana swamp. His swamp, that listens only to him….or so he believes.

In “Third” a woman with no name is trapped, caring for her blind sisters, the village seers. She’s willing to do anything to escape, even dig secret graves.

In “Wedding Night” a soldier commits treason…and murder…to save his daughter from what would be a brutal murder at the hands of her new husband, the prince. He can not know that the old gods, seeking revenge for the genocide of their worshippers have cursed her.

In “Hunter Sands” a young woman waits for the birth of her baby…and her magical powers…while a monster waits for her.

The Wedding Tree

First in a planned horror trilogy about the dark side of love and devotion.

Based upon a combination of a Japanese legend which tells of secrets left at the foot of trees and another in which a special tree is grown to carve into the bridal dowry chest.

Mother’s Day

Some of her more popular and previously published stories are included here for those of you who like your horror gruesome and hard-hitting!

“Wishing Well”: Tasa wants to have a baby. The village midwife’s plan to prevent Tasa from fulfilling that wish has horrifying consequences. Originally published in April, 2011, at

“Blood on the Scarecrow”: The village believes Daavea and her babies have cursed them all. Breaking the curse requires a sacrifice. (Partially inspired by an ancient Malagasy custom of abandoning babies born on unlucky days.) Originally published in the Fall 2008 issue of Doorways magazine.

“Babies in the Backyard”: A crying newborn. A sign of hope? Or a trap? Originally published Halloween 2008 at Tales from the Moonlit The super short script version placed in the semi-finals of the 2010 Shriekfest Festival screenplay competition.

Find out more about Janet and her books, by clicking HERE, it will connect you to her page in Smashwords, from there you can get to her Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


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