Author Daniel LaGrave

Daniel LaGrave

Daniel is a writer of short fiction, though he plans to write full length novels in the future.

In terms of his writing he tends to examine humanity, both its light, and dark aspects.

Although he pays little heed to genre, and writes whatever he wants, he favours sci-fi, or adventure.

He generally also likes to allow the story to follow its own nature, and be unexpected.

Daniel is currently working on a pair of novels, one an adventure and the other a thriller, featuring a fresh look at Zombies.

His books include:

Outer Sky

The human race is dwindling. Its grandeur all but forgotten.

A majority of the great strides made in philosophy, art, technology, and science lay buried in the rubble of the past. Forgotten.

Still some cruel spark of humanity remained, undaunted, determined to survive.

For the first time in generations, and in secret men and women will be hurled to the stars.

To where, and what does it mean to be human?

Show & Tell (Adults only)

A boy is pushed around at school, for his parents their son is a low priority,leaving him to be raised by hired help.

All that changes however, when a seeming act of kindness offers him an opportunity to push back. …

But what will it cost him?

Bedlam in the Badlands

Gun fire shatters the stillness of the badlands…

Deep in the Montana wilderness a group of students are discovering that the ancient hills are the perfect place to find the rare fossils of long extinct beasts, but they also discover that the empty hills are the perfect place for those who wish to go unseen to hide.

Being so far from civilization, can help arrive in time?

Song of Deerwoman

The new world is a strange, and wild place.

The natives have told tall tales of the spirits that reside in the dark woods for generations.

Many see the stories as nothing more than myths meant to scare the settlers.

Still, if you should happen to find yourself walking alone in the woods be mindful of what thoughts you keep in mind. Should you hear some strange, and pleasing melody.

Run, just run.

A Sure Thing

A pawn shop, a place for those who find themselves desperate, usually through their own merits.

A little shop sitting in a dark city, at the nexus of all things.

People come, people go finding the little pawn shop either taking, or leaving things behind.

Just be careful which one you end up with, and please know the difference between need, and want.


An A.M. radio talk personality doing his show informing the fine people of the greater Bismark North Dakota area of any political happenings, or upheavals.

The show itself has always been his way of connecting to the world at large…but the callers have stopped.

Perry’s Requiem

A man is faced with a choice, he can either allow death to take him, or choose a life with new perils and, adventures.

It is a life though which forces him to leave behind everything he knew.

Will he give way to eternity, or join the undead?

Get more information at his website by clicking HERE.


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