Hello from Honduras Reactions


I really appreciate you writing a post about my fourth grade class, its been an amazing experience this year.

After my students interviewed the author Josh Rader, their insight to read and write has grown.

I am grateful to Josh Rader, and his brother Jared Rader as well, because of their willingness to reach out to my students.

It was a complete surprise for my fourth graders to see a post on your blog, with all the information and pictures of them.

They all recall they will never forget the fourth grade, for their experiences meeting authors and becoming famous in the net.

They are more than excited for all the opportunities.

I am sending a picture of the moment when kids saw the information of themselves in your blog.

They are so excited, they said: ” we are becoming famous”.


Honduras Fourth Grade Photo

Thank you again!


Please read further comments under the Hello from Honduras post itself 🙂


16 thoughts on “Hello from Honduras Reactions

  1. We are two weeks away for the school year to end. T
    Tday they had to write friendly letters.
    Guess what?
    Some of my students wrote letters for Josh and Chris!
    I will send by email!
    All this experience has just made my students dream big!
    Thank you


  2. Being interviewed by Mrs. Mojica’s class was an experience I will never forget.
    I can not thank Mrs. Mojica enough for encouraging her students to contact me and setting the interview up via Skype.
    I also want to thank Chris for writing the blog about this experience.
    It shows the hard work a teacher does, to go above and beyond, to encourage her students to continue the passion of reading and writing.


  3. I was once connected with a project called ‘Young Cultural Creators’ in London, which was a big venture managed by Museums Libraries and Archives, London.

    What is so wonderful about Joanna is that she took the initiative and organised this herself.

    This is brilliant and inspiring teaching.

    I’d love to meet her!


      • What a great pleasure to hear from you, Joanna. I would love to talk with you (of course). I have always got something to say and I am always writing!

        I will be in touch very soon.

        Ps I live in Birmingham, which is south of Manchester, if you want to show your pupils.

        J.R.R Tolkien is associated with an area of Birmingham, near to where I live and I sometimes walk in the ‘Shire’ (If you have read the Lord of the Rings).


  4. “They will never forget the fourth grade…” isn’t that the most terrific thing!

    Who knows what chain of events you and Joanna have started in these young people’s lives!



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