Author Nyla Naseer


Nyla likes to consider the issues that affect people’s lives in the modern world from an emotional, psychological and practical perspective and is fascinated with ‘resilience’ in all its forms.

Her works look at ‘raw’ emotion and how people react to the reality of their lives.

She currently has two books published:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00061]

Digital Downsize

The undisputed power of digital technology is increasingly controlling the way that we live: how we communicate, work and socialise. Alongside the tremendous opportunities that digital technology brings, concerns are starting to emerge related to a range of problems ranging from cyber-crime to behavioural programming, addiction and isolation.

Digital Downsize is a wide-ranging introduction to some of these issues. Looking particularly at the impact of digital communications, including social media, it examines:

How individual psychology and behaviour is modified by digi-tech
The impact of digital technology on relationships, skills and social resilience
Living and working in an ‘always-on’ environment

As people’s relationship with digi-tech continues to evolve, and we become increasingly mesmerised by its promise, is the potential for compulsive use and addiction being adequately recognised and addressed – and do we care? This book explores these questions, and looks how young people, in particular, may be affected.

Digital Downsize promotes an different sort of relationship between people and digi-tech: one where people use technology in a more ‘aware’ and balanced way. It ends by offering practical suggestions for how to optimise the way that digi-tech is used, so that it enhances, rather than detracts from, quality of life.

This is an accessible book that should make all of us sit back and think about our present and future relationship with digital technology.


Pavement Gardener

Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn, the need for work brings Mara from Latvia to South East London. Working for Spencer in the Hungry Londoner Café is not easy—he’s a sleazy, woman-hating, low-life with no moral compass and a bad gambling habit and, when he goes a step too far, Mara tries to think of a way to get even.

One evening, Mara discovers mysterious drawings of wild flowers on the pavement of the Pendean Council Housing Estate and can’t stop thinking about who has created them and why…

Callum is a young Irish gardener, working in London. A handsome, enigmatic figure, his solitary efforts to bring beauty into people’s consciousness captivates Mara. Fate and unstoppable chemistry throw Mara and Callum together and start a chain of events that they quickly lose control of.

When Mara discovers Spencer is organising ‘back-room’ fighting, the pair plan an elaborate sting to part Spencer from his ill-gotten profits. The scam takes them ever deeper into the murky and dangerous world of urban fight gambling and challenges Callum’s understanding of who he is and what he wants from life.

The gripping conclusion reveals the unpredictability of human nature and how revenge can become a double edged sword. A story of outsiders, human frailty and self-realization

Call over to Nyla’s website, or find her at Goodreads   –   Twitter   –   Facebook 

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