Author Brittany T. Cuenin

Brittany T. Cuenin

Brittany Cuenin was raised in southwest Virginia and graduate from Clemson University in South Carolina where she did academic work in children’s literature.

She has lived in the Lowcountry and Florida, bringing a love of the coast and traveling to her characters.

Her book, ‘Camp Bug Juice: A Bookworm’s Camp Adventure’ is about Bea the Bookworm, who has never been to summer camp before! She is just a kid and leaving home for the first time and going off into the wilderness to live with all kinds of insects she doesn’t even know.

Bea wants to have fun at summer camp but she really just wanted to make sure that she makes it through the summer safe and sound.

No sooner then getting on her flight to camp does Bea meet the The Queen Bees and realizes that those girls are going to be big trouble all summer long. They think they own Camp Bug Juice and are better then everyone. Bea knows that she will prove them wrong, have some great adventures, and make a bunch of new friends in the process.

Going from her safe family home in the Sir Pender’s Library to Camp Bug Juice in the middle of the wilderness, it is a big change for Bea and she hopes she will be a great camper. It seems like all the girls in Cabin Harmonia are really nice and maybe together they can get through it all.

With challenges like rock climbing, backpacking, river rescues, swimming, wilderness survival, and even campaigning for Camper of the Year hopefully Bea can make it to the fall forms part of her blog which reflects her love of reading all types of children’s books.

Find out more about Brittany click HERE

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