Author John David

John David


This Author is prolific, he has written and published several stories and books so far, on a widely diverse range of subjects.

His writing style is direct and honest; and states that his goal as a writer is to educate, amuse, engage, and entertain the reader, he certainly seems to cover all the bases with that ambition; and his output, see the list below:

Ten Questions – The Insider’s Guide to Saving Money on Auto Insurance: Hidden Discounts Revealed’

Pwning N00bs – The PC Gamer’s Guide to Hardware, Strategy and Tactics’

Essays for the 99% – (8 volumes) – To inspire and motivate the Citizens of USA

The Purrennium Trilogy – Fluffington the Cat is very different from every other cat….

Noir De Jure – Two separately published Stories about Frank Geddy, Private Eye…

To find out more about John and his books, click on the links below:


Amazon Author Page UK

Amazon Author





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