Author Rob May

Rob MayWriting Science Fiction for Young Adults is not easy, especially in these days of Internet and Gaming Consoles to distract them, but Rob holds his own by writing his stories in the same fast pace they would get on their various Gizmos, but be assured, Adult SF Fans will enjoy it too.

His Debut Novel Alien Disaster has set the tone, so reserve some time and enjoy a fast moving read about asteroids, hominid aliens, daring do British Special Forces, battles galore and a boy with deep violet eyes, you won’t regret it.

If Steven Spielberg ever makes this story into a movie, guess which Ape will be first in the queue to watch it!

STOP PRESS 9th May 2013: Just had Rob contact me to say that his new Book, Dragon Killer, is now available

(Pay attention Steven Spielberg, your future ‘Films To Make’ portfolio is assured, just keep following this Blog!)

Call over to Rob’s website and other links as follows:






Barnes & Noble


iTunes / iBooks Authors Page Authors Page

2 thoughts on “Author Rob May

  1. Hey, thanks for the feature! I’m still waiting for Steven to call. Maybe if I mention his name a few times, he might spot this blog when he googles himeself: Spielberg Spielberg Spielberg Spielberg …



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