Author Shane Griffin

SGThis Science Fiction Author is a real life Scientist, but even if he doesn’t always apply strict scientific principles when creating his stories, he always does make them entertaining reads.

He has published 26 stories and books so far including: ‘Accident Man’, ‘The Mercenary’, ‘Drifter’, ‘Generation Next The Real Thing’, ‘Antipodean Collection’, ‘Shady Hazy and the Subliminal Criminal’, ‘Manjac and the Nosebleed Section’, ‘Cure Overdose’, ‘Drifter’, ‘Border Patrol’, ‘Visions of Magic: The Kidnap of Gabrielle Ulan’, ‘Deathday’, ‘Blue Pelagic’, ‘Barkley’s Body Swap and Pawn Shop’, ‘Long Odds’, ‘The Duel’, ‘Artificially Me’, ‘Controller’, ‘Lest They Forget’, ‘Safety Zone’, ‘The Natural’, ‘Reality of Retirement’, ‘Mercenary’, ‘Cancer Stick Addiction’ & ‘Heir Neekay’

For more information, visit Shane’s by clicking on his link below:

Dr Griff’s Sci Fi World




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