Author S.T. Matthias

S.T. MatthiasHave you ever read any European stories, novels or fairy tales?

Whether the answer is Yes or No, today, I’m going to point you in the direction of a modern day European Writer’s work, that of S.T. Matthias, whose books, translated from Moldovan into English include (click on the titles for further details):

The Witch, the Princess and the Dragon

The Princess is locked in the tower, where she is giving the Dragon a hard time, the Prince is trying to rescue her, but keeps getting lost; and an old witch is trying to put things right in memory of the good old times… What could possibly go wrong…?

One Mile from Heaven

Although only 9 years old, George already has a reputation of being always in the middle of anything unusual that’s happening, sometimes, he’s there BEFORE it happens …..

The Lost Necklace

Three short stories set in a small Middle Ages period Village in the mountains, where thieves and Witches hide….

Worms Hierarchy

Set during The Inquisition period, this is a story about Karl, a wandering, soul searching Artist, Gildo, his best (and only) friend, who has ‘work’ that is rather dubious, Holb, Karls ever complaining Landlord, Helga, Holb’s beautiful (according to herself) wife, Lia, Holb’s love-struck daughter; and a host of other colourful characters

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