Author Harry Nicholson

Harry NicholsonHarry tells us “I’m thinking back, trying to discern how I came to write an historical novel”

When I was tapping out Morse in the pitching wireless cabins of tropical steamers, it was not in my mind – though I read all the books in the ship’s library”

A career in television studios might have brought it about – thirty years working with stories in pictures soaks the mind with images”

Now I’ve retired I have more time to imagine at leisure – perhaps I’ve just reached the proper age to be a teller of stories”.

As you may have guessed by now, Harry is a retired Sailor, but that doesn’t mean he writes only about the sea.

He writes Historical Fiction from the point of view of ordinary people, instead of Kings, Princes or other Famous Characters.

The stories (and poems) are set mainly in his beloved Northumberland..

His books to date (click on the titles) are:

Green Linnet (short stories and poems)


Tom Fleck (set around 1513 and the Battle of Flodden, the 500th anniversary of which will be on the 9th September2013).

To find out more about Harry and what he gets up to apart from writing, nip next door to his page and read Harry’s blog while your’re there by clicking HERE


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One thought on “Author Harry Nicholson

  1. Hello, Chris. I’m just back from a weekend close to the city of York (the Guild of Enamellers convention – lots of vitreous art, some as good as Faberge). This is a pleasant surprise to come home to. Thank you for your kind words.
    best wishes
    Harry Nicholson



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